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Ernes Kanter is once again a target of the Turkish


Earlier this June Kanters father was arrested in response to
his political views against  President
Recep Tayyip Erdogan of turkey.

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Ernes Kanter has been a vocal support for Fethullah Gulen,  an exiled Islamic cleric who
orchestrated a failed coup attempt in 2016 against Erdogan


Kanter and his family have both disowned each
other over their opposing political views, Kanter even went as far to say that
he would sacrifice his “mother, father ,and his whole family for gulen’s sake”  to show how strongly he opposes Erdogan. Its been
a year since the family has last spoken.


Being a highly profiled athlete from turkey an
Istanbul-based prosecutor pointed to the 25-year-old’s social media account as
evidence to issue an arrest warrant for supporting Fethulla Gulen.


Kantar was arrested in May in a Romanian
airport after having his passport canceled by the Turkish government. Kanter
was able to return home to New York thanks to The Department of homeland
security and NBA Officials.


The Turkish government is now looking to
sentence kanter for four years for his critiques calling the president “the
Hitler of our Century who stages fake coups to genocide his opponents”.               


The chances of Kanter being Extradited are not







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