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Engineers are driving the future, with the world continually changing we as humans are faced with new problems to solve and innovations to be made. Chemical engineering in particular sparked my interest during my work experience at my local Lloyds pharmacy, here I discovered the pharmaceutical sector existing within the field. I found it fascinating how in their own indirect way the engineers involved are responsible for saving millions of lives, in whether It be their input in developing and testing medicines or designing plant production lines it opened my eyes up to just one of many areas of chemical engineering and its impact on our everyday lives. I have applied for the foundation year course which will give me the chance to develop my knowledge on the basic underlying principles of engineering, as well as the required level of maths and physics to the point where I can successfully proceed onto your undergraduate course. I am currently on a gap year, so I will take this time out to teach myself areas of A-level mathematics that will be covered during the foundation year.

Having already attempted the foundation topics in “Engineering Mathematics” by a K.A.Stroud, this has given me a great insight on what is yet to learn.

I plan on securing work experience this February with Amec Foster Wheeler, being heavily involved in biofuels and the monetization of natural gas this will be a worthwhile experience due to both being areas id like to pursue.Studying Design and Technology: Product design at AS level has to be one of my most memorable experiences, from designing a functioning chair on Pro/Desktop a 3D CAD software to building the structure from raw materials in the workshop. This project required me to work under pressure to meet deadlines as well as tested my ability to problem solve effectively, one issue I faced during the project was ensuring the material of choice was environmentally sustainable without compromising the aesthetics and quality of the end product.

I believe this is a similar problem faced by chemical engineers as they aim to reduce overall carbon foot-prints of chemical processes. Given my experience working on long-term projects, the final year design project is one aspect of the course that I look forward to. Chemistry has worked in conjunction with biology in improving my analytical skills, with one highlight of A-level chemistry being the chance to use an infra-red spectrometer to identify a range of organic compounds by interpreting the spectra graphs produced, with spectroscopy being a key technique in the pharmaceutical industry this was a valuable experience. Additionally, the topic of thermodynamics within physical chemistry was one I found particularly interesting and look forward to exploring in more detail.

During my last year of A-levels I managed to balance my school life whilst working 12 hours a week at Sainsbury’s, this role relied on me to carry out activities such as replenishing stock, answering customer queries as well as giving advice on certain products in a professional and friendly manner. I believe this shows my strong work ethic and determination, both being vital in studying any engineering degree. In year 12, I volunteered as a teaching assistant at a Saturday school held by The Community Education Trust (CET) school, providing support to students studying at GCSE level to promote their understanding of the three core subjects; aiding students with different levels of ability improved my interpersonal communication skills. In terms of extra-curricular, I partake in karate three times a week, I achieved my first-degree black belt otherwise known as ‘1st Dan’ at the age of 7 years old being one of the youngest to do so in the UK. Just recently I attained my EKF instructor qualification allowing me to teach students at my nearby club in the hopes that karate will build their confidence and self-esteem as it did mine.

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