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Engineering Today

developed extensive theories of its own and firmly established itself as a
science of creating and utilizing manmade system. So for physical science,
chemistry has contributed most of today’s technology such as contraceptive
pills for birth control and Penicillin which treats various infections and
diseases. Mechanical technology such as vehicles, motorcycle, and engines.
Computer science, electrical engineering and much more.

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 These modern days technologies has made life
much easy in communication, interacting and working as quoted by N. R. Narayana
Murthy, “We all, as engineers, doctors, have a big responsibility to bring
smiles on the faces of suffering humanity.” 


Future OF Engineering

resources provided throughout this modern days will increase the knowledge of
the new generations and their curiosity to discover and build, therefore the
demand for engineering will continue to grow tremendously.



 Mark Zuckerberg predicted that in the next 50
years engineering would take the next approach to give people the ability to
communicate their emotions through digital signals. Since then an international
team of researchers continues the vision in trying to replicate the Vulcan mind
meld by creating a device that allows two persons to share information through


Also as
predicted by Richard Holman, self-driving and driverless cars will improve
drastically. Since then automakers have taken the stand and pledge to have the
semi-autonomous system available by 2020, and a few years after fully autonomous
cars will hit the road.



As technology continues to expand the world next 50 years
will be filled with amazing and new technology including sending messages
directly from the brain as Mark Zuckerberg predicted, artificial intelligent
computers and robots as predicted by Ray Kurzweil, fully autonomous cars as
predicted by Richard Holman and the most exotic vision yet an elevator to space
as predicted by Arthur C. Clarke.



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