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enable the Legislature to manage its true-blue
worries about guiltiness and security, and give a wellspring of willing work to
help the Malaysian economy. The Malaysian economy depends on modest unregulated
laborers, generally remote, who have exceeded their visas or come to Malaysia
illicitly. Refugees account for a
small percentage of them and are routinely swept up in immigration raids
targeting undocumented workers. Thus, work rights will provide some status and
regularisation to their situation in Malaysia.

The declaration of the pilot venture is
significant on the grounds that the Malaysian government has beforehand
endeavored to work only with refugee associations specifically. The
contribution of the UNHCR gives some expectation that the administration is
taking a long haul see, instead of receiving impromptu approach. 

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On the other hand, public stigma towards Rohingya
refugees are something that cannot be avoided. In truth, millions of refugees
around the world face discrimination and the fear behind it on a daily basis. This
has basic ramifications not just for security and solidness in evacuee getting
(and outcast dismissing) countries, however for populace wellbeing and
financial development also. Before giving the green light to Rohingya refugees
to work, the administration should first decide whether there was a deficiency
of laborers in a specific part. On the off chance that given the thumbs up,
care ought to be taken to guarantee that they didn’t ransack local people of
openings for work. Moreover, these Rohingya refugees itself confronted a few difficulties
as far as dialect, social, abilities and wellbeing while at the same time
looking for a job.

Therefore, the objective of this research
essay is to emphasize, the 3 years pilot project introduced by the Malaysian
Government; which issue the rights to legally working for Rohingya refugees in
Malaysia is still valid to be debated. The methodology used for

this research is qualitative research since the aim of this
research essay is to gain an understanding related to the issue of this pilot
project rather than producing a statistical data. This research essay will also
use administrative documents and other reports of events or cases, relevant
books and UN documents, news clippings and articles appearing in the mass
media, newspapers or on the Internet

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