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Reliability – Due the difficulties ex-offenders face to find employment, they
are usually highly motivated to be long term employees.

Opportunity – It is an untapped pool of manpower resource at no additional cost
to the employer especially in a tight labour market like Singapore.

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Employment Challenges

the benefits of hiring ex-offenders there are also risks the organisation is
taking. Learning from previous failed hiring experience, where Mr. Benny had
90% of ex-convicts as employees and many of them went back to drugs and got
into fights while at work. It caused a big loss to his business.

the right employee is a tedious process. Hiring the wrong employee will be
costly to the organisation while hiring the right person will have a positive
impact in the success of the organisation goals.

Mr. Benny’s 1 month stint with Jamie Oliver’s apprenticeship programme, he
learnt that it is not about the numbers of ex-offenders hired but the ability
to provide training, quality career growth and fair remuneration that makes the
key to success. Now,
Eighteen Chef has a good balance of ex-offenders and qualified employees with
relevant skills to match the organisation requirements. Today there are about
35% of the employees who are ex-offenders.

2.3 Recommendations
for Eighteen Chef

challenge faced by Eighteen Chef is mainly managing the ex-offender population
and ensuring that it does not cause any problems to the business.

there should be a strict HR Policy in place to be adhered to by all employees. Secondly,
it is important to equip the hiring/line managers with people management skills
and partner SPS on behaviour training courses. It will be beneficial when they
are able to pick up signs on one returning to its old ways.

addition, it is encouraged for the management to be open and share their
initiative of hiring ex-offenders with all employees to promote better integration
and prevent ostracisation in the workplace.

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