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survey responses show that they are able to understand their job duties better
and have had an increase in managing ability, efficiency, and job skills.

According to Kramer (2007), in a study that used the Kirkpatrick Model to
measure behavioural changes on the job, learning increased for participants who
reacted favourably to eLearning, and job behaviour increased if learning
increased. Employees with higher levels of eLearning should show improvement in
productivity and job performance, and a reduction in turnover, cost, and
absenteeism. However, current eLearning structure is not always successful.

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Some employees surveyed thought that the currentwork environment is not suitable for eLearning and they have
to take extra time outside work to learn various eLearning tools, which causes
inconvenience and stress. The study showed a strong positive correlation among
job satisfaction, job productivity, job performance, and organizational
commitment. This implies that satisfied employees are likely to be more
productive, be committed to their organizations, and work harder on eLearning
initiatives to improve their job performances. Managers should not onlyfocus on technology to be successful. Technology should be used
as an enabler. The focus should be on making sure employees feel supported.

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