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Electricity! One of the most successful discoveries of all time which is utmost responsible for making our lives so luxurious. Today when we look around our daily life we find that our lives are orbiting around electrically operated devices. From bulbs to big machines, we are always surrounded by numerous electrical devise. The invention of electricity has made difficult tasks easy, tasks that are needed to be performed on daily basis for the proper functioning of approximately everything, and moreover, after the industrial revolution there is a humongous rise in the graph of requisition of electricity. Scientists and researchers are keeping their best efforts to make the human life as easy as pie, this results in new inventions every day which are made so as to be inputted in the form of electric power to work; take any example like mobile, computer, camera. None of them work without electricity. Certainly now we can say that electricity has also become a bog-standard need for human life like air, water and food.One of the first major breakthroughs in electricity eventuated in 1831, when British scientist Michael Faraday discovered the basic principle of generating electricity. He scrutinized that one can induce electricity by moving magnets insidecopper wire coil i.e. by disturbing the field around the copper coil. The same principle is used even today for producing electricity but it is done by rotating the magnets inside a coil in a generator. (Generator is a devise, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy). This generator is connected to turbines by a shaft. To operate the generator, turbine is needed to be rotated which is done by pressurized steam. This steam is generated by scalding water using a heat source, where the source includes any of the following material like coal, nuclear substance, biomass, natural gas, etc. There are numerous technologies to generate electricity, some of them are as follows:-         Among them Nuclear is of our interest. In nuclear power plants radioactive materials like uranium, radium and thorium etc. are used as heat fount for producing steam by heating water. In general, Nuclear power plants are installed on land. Though there are safety measures always taken, by virtue of some technical problems nuclear reactors in plants meltdown, the whole ambiance is razed. Such mishaps affect the atmosphere up to hundreds of kilometers by releasing deleterious radioactive radiations, which leads to numerous diseases. They release large amounts of greenhouse gases too. Certainly it can be said that melting down of nuclear power plants is more or less equivalent to dropping of a Nuclear bomb. People in Japan who had been residing around the nuclear power plant blast in 2011 have been in a stoical situation ever since. Because of the tremendous potential of nuclear power plants to devastate mankind, and also acknowledging their potential to provide mankind with huge amounts of power, these power plants installed in places away from places away from human habitats to reduce the property and mankind loss. Instead of these disasters, which can be caused by nuclear power plant they are still in use as they can produce very large amount of electricity using very less amount of radioactive material I.e. because of their efficiency and less input cost compared to other means.    Ø Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in
Japan on 11th march 2011 caused due to earthquake and tsunami, this
showed us an interesting fact that atomic power and sea water mixture will not
create great loss, though salt water conducts electricity because of its free
electrons but at the same time when coming to sea as the surround water is vast
the density of electricity would reduce and won’t have a great effect on
creatures in water.    Ø Of course, these cannot compete with
land based nuclear plants in the amount of power generation but can produce
enough power for millions of houses at cheaper price than that of terrestrial
nuclear power plants.

Ø The submarine nuclear power plants
will be portable type, such that it can be brought to shore for major repairs
and it can be dismantled after its service instead of leaving it as garbage.Ø  When we talk about offshore Nuclear power plants one major maritime
disaster comes into picture I.e. Accidents due to collision with marine vessels,
even if the structure is floating under water at certain depth still it is
prone to collision from submarines. To avoid all these marine disasters, it is
better to install them on seabed. Which adds more advantages. Ø  If a Nuclear power plant is on land then there
is threat of terrorist attacks till the cows come home, but if it is on sea bed
i.e. submerged under water the threat from terrorist will be minimized but we
can’t say it is completely free from threat.Ø Two more
disasters that this huge cylindrical super structure lying underwater would
face on seabed that it is open to Tsunamis and earth quakes. As the structure
will be installed on seabed away from coast about half to one kilometer and at
a depth of hundred to two hundred meter, the threat from tsunami is minimal,
though tsunami waves become more destructive as they reach near coast at the
same instant waves comes to surface and the power plant would be at enough
depth such that it won’t get affected even by passing giant storms. Nowadays we
have technology to identify earth quakes in prior, as long as the structure is
not in contact with land directly it is safe from cracking or being torn apart
as like in land based nuclear power plants during earthquakes, this is accomplished
as the plant is portable. However, the Cylindrical Submerged Nuclear power
plant would be Tsunami and earth quake proof to avoid all these problems.

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The serious reason for
meltdown of Nuclear power plants is ‘lack of emergency cooling’, but coming to
submerged nuclear power plants they don’t require any emergency cooling and do
not require any separate coolants for cooling purpose as it surrounded by sea
water which acts as an in-built coolant and a heat sink. This would help in
cutting down huge amounts spent on coolant systems which are mandatory to be
installed in land-based plants. Still this results in rise of temperature of
surrounding water, as the water movement decreases as we go in deep, of course
This heat can be compensated by the chilling temperature of water around the
super structure more over this problem can be overcome by creating artificial
movement surrounding water. 

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