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Electric Vehicles (EVs) connected to grid denotes to the data energy delivered from the smart vehicles to the power system. As remarkable number of smart vehicles penetrate the market, the practical advantages of using them can support the grid operation system by storage electricity and realize it when required. Use of EVs as dynamic electrical energy storage system in smart grid offers numerous advantages while affecting the grid. The tremendous advantage of EVs as a vital portion in the power system that can execute as an extra or backup energy storage for both electrical grid and EV system. Battery storage can be connected with the main distributed energy resources via communication networks, especially when applying renewable energy generation (e.g. solar energy) to be able to access to electricity. All-electric vehicles are expected to activate under the management of the distribution system operator, who performances as the facilitator between the EV station and the data center operator of the smart grid system.In V2G systems, data communication infrastructure is the most crucial step to achieve the connection between plug electric vehicles and grid system cite{Hoang}. Therefore, the traditional control centre of smart grid is facing many challenges, including ageing distribution energy networks and unpredictability. During peak hours, the EVs batteries can be delivered as energy storage suppliers to meet the energy demand. Thus, making use of V2G technology, EVs can help the load and distributed storage devices that are connected to the main power. The EMS obtains predicting information about V2G and status of charging and discharging real-time (e.g. battery capacity) from the control entity interface with V2G battery station. Then the EMS functionality will take a step forward in the each case when the out power of all V2G stations based on to the data arrival. 

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