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Eion VollMrs. FlemingRoom 11725 January 2018The View on Sexual Relations Throughout history sex has been an extremely cultural and religious part of human-beings lives. However overtime, like many things, sex has changed in both how it is viewed by people and in what it represents. Sex is seen by some people as a activity with little significance that almost all adults and even adolescents take part in. While others see it as a valuable symbol of loyalty and commitment between two people. Sex has changed in many different aspects such as how sex affects relationships, how it is viewed by the masses, how the morals of loyalty and commitment are threatened, religions action and ideas on the topic of sex, and how people can still have experiences later in life. It should be kept as a symbol of commitment and loyalty between two people and not as an activity that has no value in society. Relationships between two people have changed in a large amount of ways due to the change in sex. Casual sex between two people most times results in negative long term effects and risks relationship development between two people . It can overall cause depression and the feeling of loneliness in some individuals who take part in casual sexual encounters (NHS Choice). These encounters could be rushed and have no deeper meaning to them such as having a legitimate connection to someone. It puts future relationships at risk and should be restricted to marriage in order to protect others and to keep people pursuing happiness in a positive way while looking for healthy relationships with meaning. However this way of thinking is being disregarded as the acceptance of sex is rising around the world. In modern time the view on casual sex has changed drastically from generation to generation. In the early to mid 1900s sex was viewed as a commitment between two people and was reserved until marriage in most cases. It was viewed as a loyal part of every marriage and was to be protected by both men and women until they found a person who they would care for and honor. However there’s been a rising acceptance among people around the world as shown in a survey in Australia of more than 20,000 people showed that 87% agreed that casual sex was acceptable (Lucke). These acceptances of sexual activity put some morals and values in danger of being corrupted. The one value that is threatened more than any other in these circumstances is loyalty. Having multiple relations and sexual encounters can cause some people to have a objective view toward other people and could cause making relationships with others difficult. This value should be reserved until marriage in order to preserve a successful marriage and to safeguard values that are important to family life and society as a whole.The loss of loyalty due to the mass acceptance of casual sex is seen in the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, where everyone belongs to everyone, having multiple partners and not having a real connection with anyone they’ve been with. In the novel it shows how there really is no value of loyalty except the loyalty to the all powerful state. It highlights the danger of how losing sight of certain values could, in extreme situations, cost some freedoms and change society entirely. The best way to preserve the kind of society we live in todays is to try to hold our values close to our way of life and to not allow casual sex to jeopardize our community. The events that take place in Brave New World regarding casual sex is an example of an extreme situations. However in current times divorce rates have risen and individuals with multiple partners had a greater chance of divorce while those with none have the least likely chance of ending a marriage in divorce (Wolfinger). There are obvious correlations between casual sex and the quality of relationships due to those actions. The view on sex has also been influenced by religion however it doesn’t seem to be decreasing the acceptance of casual sex due to the thought of experiences that should not be missed out on.Many religions around the world have preached the idea of celibacy until marriage. However in recent times these ideas and beliefs have been disregarded and turned away from practice due to a multitude of reasons. One being the idea that people only get to live once and should try to live a life where all experiences are tried and not missed out on. This argument is not something that is positive because of the differences between experience and quality of life. It may seem like a harmless idea to have multiple casual sexual encounters however it risks not being happy in the future. Casual sex could result in divorce which is a huge obstacle to overcome which would not be a event that brings happiness to anyone. This argument also has a hole in its reasoning, people don’t need to completely abstain from sex for their entire lives. It just is a more positive way of experiencing life if people wait until their with someone they truly have a connection with and not just a casual partner. It would lead to a more positive and loyal society that would benefit everyone now and for future generations to come.  There are a large amount of negative things that come with casual sexual encounters and there are a large amount of reasons to stay away from those activities until marriage. The best option is to wait until marriage to have a sexual relationship with anyone for numerous reasons. There’s a less likely chance that a marriage will end in divorce if people refrain from being sexually active with multiple partners. It lowers the chance of developing depression or feeling lonely due to past sexual relationships that did not work out. It will strengthen relationships overall and will allow for more long lasting relationships based off of actual connections and caring for other people. There will be a better quality of life and will allow for a more positive pursuit of happiness for everyone. People don’t need to completely abstain from sex for their entire lives, they should just look for a connection with someone that will feel the same way towards them and develop loyalty and commitment before conducting sexual activities. Waiting to conduct sexual activities can also  help protect values and morals such as loyalty from being corrupted. The society we live in is shaped by the values we hold such as loyalty and if one of those values are destroyed or forgotten than society as a whole could be at risk of changing into something less free than what we have now.

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