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leaders must be able manage difficult situations in a way which produces a
positive outcome.  Leaders need to
understand not only the necessity of conflict management, but the opportunity
it provides.  Conflict management
requires a leader to address issues with urgency, full attention, and with
integrity.  This concept applies to both
conflicts between employees or departments, as well as conflicts between
directives and practice.  A leader’s
ability to resolve these situations is a direct result of strong communication
skills and an ability to find compromise. 

must be able to control evolving situations through conflict management and
have crucial conversations.  Crucial
conversations are important as they require a leader to manage issues that have
high emotional value, strong opinions, and high stakes (Crowell, 2015).  A strong leader will facilitate negotiations
and help reach the required level of compromise to be acceptable to both
parties and the facility (McKibben, 2017). 

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not all conflict should be viewed as negative. 
There will always be disagreement between employees and
departments.  Conflict, if left
undiscussed or unresolved, can erode communication or relationships.  Yet, these disagreements, when used
positively, have the ability stimulate change. How these disagreements are
managed will affect productivity, job satisfaction, and morale. When conflict
arises in a team dynamic, such as a work group, it may inspire critical
thinking and innovative ways to find compromise.  Conflict also allows a group to utilize the power
of diversity to identify potential problems and solutions.  The goal of a facility should not be to
become a conflict-free zone.  A facility
should seek to create an environment where conflicts are handled in a
respectful and meaningful manner to resolve issues, engage employees in
relationship building dialogue, and create a positive outcome.  

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