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Education in Wales partially differs
from the rest of the countries of the United Kingdom. The aims of the Welsh
schools are social inclusion, equal opportunities and also giving importance to
the Welsh-English bilingualism. Education in Wales is provided to children and
young people, allowing them to express their potential without counting
individual needs and problems.  


A wide range of qualifications is offered in Wales by
Further Education institutions. There are academic qualifications as A levels
and the Welsh Baccalaureate, or professional courses for individual and
business open to students of all ages. Further Education Institutions are
represented by two organisations: Colegau Cymru and Colleges Wales (“Schools & further education in Wales,” n.d.).

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They also offer study opportunities to foreign students. There are courses
organised by colleges with the help of businesses in order to raise the
workforce; in fact, there are many part-time students.


school is changing in Wales. A new scholar curriculum is developed and it will
be available by April 2019 for the “Pioneer Schools” (“New school curriculum,” n.d.).  It will take one more year for the final
version and other 2 years for being used in all the country.

general, there should be more emphasis on adapting young people to life.

Children will have to gain the ability to learn new skills and use their
knowledge in a creative and positive way. Particular attention will be paid to
digital skills, in taking the opportunities and avoiding the risks that the
virtual world involves. Another key point could be to encourage students on their
performance and in what they have in order to improve themselves.

new curriculum should help Welsh children to become capable learners, creative
contributors, informed citizens of Wales and the world and confident

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