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Education plays a key role in human life and it has always been a controversial topic. Throughout the years, the system has gotten better, country that have an effective system are some of the most powerful forces. However, some countries in the world are still using the outdated education system, especially Vietnam. Students are under pressure from friends and family to study, there is a lack of development in the curriculum and school tends to focus about score and not teaching soft, practical skill for students. Government corruption also causes a huge impact on this problem. This drawback limits school capability of creating genius.Vietnam has had a long history of being dominated by other countries and they are heavily influenced by the China culture. For nearly one thousand years, Vietnamese people use and learn Chinese language. This explained why education has always been their highest priority, Chinese historical documented recorded many excellent Vietnamese scholars who graduated from China. In 1079, Temple Of Literature, the first university in Vietnam was established to educate for the rich and royal members, the school lasted for more than 700 years before closed down. Under the French rule, Vietnamese people began to adopt to the new western culture. People started to use romanized version of their language instead of the old Chinese character which has been used as a primary language for the past 1000 years. After the Vietnam war, the government adopted the western educational system and erased the old Confucian one. Their goal is to universalize and nationalize to have all schools accepted a centralized educational system.Today, education in Vietnam is divided into many different parts, starting with 6 year old children, basic education consists of five years of primary education, four years of intermediate education, and three years of secondary education. Students go to school 5 days a week, 9 classes a day and have to study 13 compulsory subjects. The goal of Vietnam’s government is everyone can study and have basic knowledge of every field, this explained why students have to learn many different but mostly useless subjects. In addition, it is very difficult to get into a famous secondary or high school, entrance to those schools are determined through an exam. You have to be extremely intelligent and hard-working to have a decent score, study in a small and unpopular school is considered stupid from parents and relatives. In the view of most parents, this exam is the most important. Students who failed the annual exam would be looked down upon by other members of society. Therefore, students just tried every possible way to have a good score, this also includes cheating. In 2017, 766 students gets suspended for cheating during exam. One of the biggest causes for educational failures is that student have to spend too much time in school. In average, Vietnamese student have to spend ? of their day time to study at school. Take this as an example, in Vietnam, some teachers open extra class outside of regular school hour to teach more work for students, extra class occurs about 4 to 5 times a week, students have to pay extra fee for teacher. Before the examination, the student that go to the additional class will get the advantages from the teacher, they just only need to focus on those questions that will appear in the test. Many teachers exploit this potential. They can forced students to pay money by giving harder assignments in class or being more partial to students who went to their private session. So, if you want to have a good score, you will have to take the extra course. According to a survey by Thanh Nien News, 74.6 percent of students from more than 140 primary schools in four major city and two central provinces attend extra courses. A teacher can easily earn triple of their monthly revenue by making student go to his/her extra sector. To prevent this, Le Hong Son, director of the Department of Education and Training, announced his plan to ban all tutoring sessions after school in the future. In response, many parents are not happy with this decision, they would rather sacrifice their children free time for a better long goal terms.In contrast, this has helped Vietnam achieve many goals. Vietnam is now ranked 12th in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ranking system. This Organization measured a country based on the science and math prowess of students in various countries in the world. The OECD is well-known for being the most expansive educational survey worldwide. This is the first time Vietnam took this survey, so the result was somewhat a surprised. The exam was given to selected school and the student did a very good job. However, Christian Bodewig of the world bank, program leader for inclusive growth in European Union Member States, said that the score did not show fully the reality of Vietnam educational system. He stated that the educational system forced student to memorize fact rather than problem solving ability.For a decade, students are still rely on completely outdated books, the workbook is boring with no visual picture and full of unnecessary information. Most teachers are recruited badly, in fact, they have no interested in teaching. They are underpaid and follow the same boring syllabus for every class. Teacher failed to make a connection between the textbook and reality. They always rushing through assignments while student afraid to ask for questions. As a result, students do not understand the importance of the lesson they learned, most of the time they will learn without thinking about it. Some students can complete high school without being able to form a basic english sentence, although english is a compulsory subject for all grades. It is getting worst the more we move into school in rural area and mountainous area. School’s budget are limited. Kid have to study under poorly conducted facilities which affect health, behaviour and learning process. Most classroom are overcrowded with around 40 to 50 students. Therefore, there are less space for class activities and teacher tend to losing personal connections with students, there is just too much students for one teacher to handle. Subsequently, students got bored of school and decided to skip classes and teacher use physical punishment on them. School insist on students to memorize a lot of facts at once rather than practice and experience to prepare for their future. The government also has a big role on this sinking boat, the ministry of education and training is corrupted, parents can pay money to the principal/teacher so that their kid can get into well-known university or have a good score in exam. Based on the recent survey made by the Global Transparency Education Network, 49 percent of participant believe that their current educational system is corrupted. For several years, Do Van Khoa, a high school math and geography teacher has been trying to expose this problems. He recorded students cheat in exam while their  teacher pretended nothing happened. Vietnam’s education minister went to his house to hand him a certificate praising his courage. But back in his hometown he brought a lot of trouble for himself and some people threatened to kill him. In an interview, he said he would not stop fighting and many people are stood up for him. Each year, the government came up with a new law. For instance, in 2016, 5 months before the big exam to translate to university, the ministry changed the format of the test, from constructed-response test to multiple-choice questions. This made the teacher has to change their way of teaching 180 degrees, a lot of students could not catch up with the process and end up failing the most important exam of their life, they have to wait for another year to do it again. Despite being criticized and negative feedback, the ministry changed the format again in 2017. The people from above has been mixing various forms of teaching that they borrowed from other countries but none of it worked. In addition, students are getting an enormous amount of  homeworks from their teacher. Vietnamese’s students spent around 10 hours a week working on their appointment, students do not have free time after school to relax, they have to rush to their extra class or home to finish their assignments. This raises the stress of students, which has lead to some seriously mentally ill, anxiety, etc.Just a month ago, H. (the article used the first letter of his name), a grade 9 student in Ho Chi Minh city, committed suicide by jumping off a high building. His friends told that he had gotten a bad score on his exam recently. H.’s parents was really upset, they found out H. had some serious mentally ill problems a year ago, H. had talked with many therapist doctors so they thought that he would have gotten better. In the letter H. wrote before ended his life, he mentioned that he got tired of school. In response, the school told the exam was made to text students ability to memorize. Police are still working with the school on this case for further investigate.The problems just keep going on and on. No doubt that with the current education system in Vietnam, student mindset are limited but with people like Do Van Khoa, we can believe that change will be made in the future. School will be a better place for student in the future. No more tragedy will happen.

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