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Education should
be inspiring in its statements and motivating independent learning from its
impressions to light the inner fire that burns for a lifetime, knowledge being
the obvious direction being curiosity towards exploration.


I was fortunate
to have begun good education as I grew; my thoughts and interests were mostly
around biological aspect of nature and its forms. Science solved the mystery
for me and biology kept me puzzling for new answers and thus became key to my
life. My teachers being the carriers of God’s light inspired me to critically
think that warms a life long habit of independent study and nurture me to make
me a better human being.

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After Completing
my secondary school, I felt Zoology would be my area, which would give me
opportunity to learn and explore how fundamentals of science is applicable to
biological organisms under real and practical way. Moreover my innate abilities
that grew with me and with great inspiration from my teachers made me excel my art
of drawing which sharpened my creative abilities and broadened my imagination
which would allow me to channel my ideas in best possible way. My undergraduate
study was a life changing experience, during which I have participated in
various sessions and expanded my enjoyment of education.


Pursuit of
knowledge and science has been supreme goal to my life. After my under
graduation, I felt more is to be clear than what is heard. So with this thought
I joined for post graduation in Zoology. Although 50% of all graduating
students every year tend to go after new booming branches of science, but I had
only interest in pursuing Zoology 
because it gave me a great stimulating décor that would strengthen my
academic experience. This part of my academic study was ravishing that I
accomplished my experience and ability to pursue my research goals with my
thesis on Ecotoxicology of silver nano particles on Tilapia. I was also very
fortunate to attend many valuable sessions of many eminent biodiversity and
conservation researchers in India.


After my post
Graduation I decided that my future work and employment would be in the field
of biodiversity and conservation which has been a passion since my graduation.
After going through your website I found that by taking graduate studies at
your institution, I would be able to venture out into various subject domains
and develop a strong sense of independence. It would also help me to learn
global standards in this field and become aware of the worldwide competition.
Your institution with its unique graduate program in Resource management and
with its commitment to foster intellectual excellence is quite remarkable.


I chose New
Zealand as my destination of study because due to the main reason that Graduate
diploma in Resource Management is only available in Waiarki Institute of
Technology, Rotorua, NZ and this referred course is having unlimited
possibilities in New Zealand and all around the world. Another reason I opted
for this course in New Zealand
is due to the reason that it possess each and every ecosystem from thermal hot springs to tropical
type vegetation which is quite amazing when taken into consideration.


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