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Eco-Imagination: African and Diasporan Literatures and Sustainability edited by Irène d’Almeida, Lucie Viakinnou-Brinson and Thelma Pinto expresses many writings involving ecofeminism. The literature communicated to the audience is quite moving, leading back to ecocriticism in the Diaspora. When discussing the topic, ecofeminism, the various authors in Eco-Imagination: African and Diasporan Literatures and Sustainability elaborate their viewpoint on how gender, race and class is relative to ecofeminism as well as the detrimental effect of eco-feminism on our  environment. James McCorkle’s critical approach to Kamau Brathwaite and Derek Walcott’s poems in his paper, “Re-visioning a poetics of Landscape: Resistance and continuum in the poetry of Kamau Brathwaite and derek walcott,” stresses the environmental effects of consumerism and tourism. McCorkle relates Brathwaite and Walcott’s poems to  palimpsest of history, meaning it has been reused and previous elements erased. Humans have help destroy previous developments of history, leaving only a glimpse of formal history to remain. This could possibly lead to overpopulation, and other major environmental problems to face. Feminist, Uchenna Pamela Vasser critiques the work  of Manuel Zapata Olivella’s to argue that women outside their traditional roles is unimaginable. “The Double Blind”  is like a test or a trial of the unknown, relating that the women describe in this novels are trapped in their custom position. Uchenna Pamela Vasser uses this phrase as an eye opener to show the everlasting patriarchal system women are consumed by. Overall, the troubles with gender, race and class, as well as environmental problems will continue to be brought forth with the eco-criticism of diaspora. Eco-Imagination: African and Diasporan Literatures and Sustainability provides an exquisite example of how the relationship between literature and the physical environment is affecting the world we live in. Although the effects on our environment relating to eco-feminism are gruesome, we are always changing, leaving room for growth maturation for all.

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