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Eating healthy during childhood and adolescence is essential for growth and development, health, and well-being. But eating healthy gets impacted by how people market food. Food marketing is the activities that take place within the food system between the farm gate and the consumer. This includes processing, wholesaling, retailing, food service, and transportation functions (The Food Marketing System, 1). Food marketing affects people because of advertisements/tv commercials, celebrities, and cheap products with deceiving words. These three factors are the main factors that affect food marketing.

        Firstly, food marketing affects people in a negative way through advertisements or tv commercial. In everyday life we all see advertisement or commercials when watching TV or browsing through the internet, there is not one day that we haven’t seen an advertisement or commercials, about food trying to convince us to buy their product. Many people buy food that is advertised to them, mostly teenagers and kids.

Most people don’t how most advertisements are false and not always true about what they say about the product. “Research has found strong associations between increases in advertising for non-nutritious foods and rates of childhood obesity. Most children under age six cannot distinguish between programming and advertising and children under age eight do not understand the persuasive intent of advertising.

Advertising directed at children this young is by its very nature exploitative” (American Psychological Association). Usually, teenagers and kids fall for the false advertisements because they get distracted by the images or the catchy phrase. For example, Mc Donald’s catchphrase is “I’m lovin it” and the images of their desirable food also grabs people attention, as we all know everyone has the idea in their head that a food that looks good taste good and food that looks bad taste bad. Every fast food stores and companies know this, so they use this as an advantage to sell their products. Even though many people know that food that looks really tasty are the ones that are bad for our health we still don’t choose to stop eating them because wherever we go we see advertisements and commercials about them, and on top of that they do deals and coupons which also makes people wanting to eat it more because they think of I as a good deal but in reality, its just selling strategy, so they buy it. Therefore, advertisements and TV commercials greatly impact people and the way they eat by the way retailers and companies market their food.  Celebrities are also another reason, why food marketing is affected in a negative way.

Celebrities greatly impact people because most people look up to them and some think of them as their role model. Many companies and stores use celebrities/YouTubers to promote their products because they know many people will buy their product. “A recent study published in The Journal of Pediatrics looked at more than 180 children and noticed these kids often ate potato chips after looking at TV ads that featured a prominent sports figure in England” (Fox News Health, 2013). The reason why you see many celebrities/YouTubers for advertisements and commercials is that each one of us tries to form a personal relationship matching to the person we want to be like. So we try to follow their lifestyle, buy what they buy because we are attracted to them so we buy what is associated with them (Fox News Health, 2013).

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