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Earth is an ossuary. Your body is merely a temporary medium carrying your eternal soul, only to be relegated to perdition. Haha just kidding on the eternal doom part, or… Think about your conscience. Is this tangible? Well, for example, collisions require matter, and a concussion can halt the experiencing of your conscience. If the existence of a conscience within a live body is physical, through the parameters that govern our universe it is then relative, exhibits energy and hence subjected to time. If so, your conscience will not withstand eternity in a 4D world. But, what if your conscience uses your body as a medium, now treating the two as separate entities. The physical properties now assigned to your conscience are only experienced through the subjection of your body. This surpasses our perceivable thought and emotion as we know much of our mind is influenced by chemical impulses through neurons. The separate entity here is simply the awareness of your own existence. When this body-medium is capable, your conscience can express itself, as opposed to an incapable mind temporarily shut off by head trauma for example. Your conscience doesn’t experience time without a physical medium.By separating conscience and the body-medium, I am not saying these are two overlapping physicalities. The awareness of your own existence is not like a photon with zero rest mass exhibiting energy and momentum. Your existence may be metaphysical. If the awareness of your existence can be halted in the physical, although it does not express physical properties in its singularity, the next questions here are: will there be other mediums, is everything with life driven by conscience, what properties remain with your existence outside of the medium, and with a metaphysical existence that is not imposed by the order driving our perceivable universe – is there a higher order that imposes on the existence of your own conscience…such as the creation of your soul as a relatively artificial construct and the subjugation of such. Is your soul dynamic like your physical-self, and if so what are the limitations? Can it derive awareness and transcend a 4D reality.

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