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Each family is a system that is subjective to change. Family created from second marriage can be challenging specially when it come to function as a whole. They must be able to adjust to changes related to grow or difficulties related to transition to a new family such as remarriage. It take sometime lot of time and effort for new families to establish good relationship and work as one. To help this family adjust to their new life, structural family theory is usually helpful. Structural family theory is a psychotherapy approach develop by Salvador Minuchin to gave answer to problems related to family. It helps address conserve within family by preventing sequences from repeating. It also helps motivates people by establishing support and providing news strategies in solving problems related to new family relationship. Minuchin goal is to promote a restricting family and break the chain to accommodate new family setting. Each member of the family have a great role to play in the family and each of them must participate for better cohesion and better complementary. Accepting and supporting the new marriage and adjusting to the new family can be challenging specially for children. By using the structural family theory, family can set boundaries and rules that allow everyone to live comfortable. It is also imperative for children specially to have good system support and adjust to their new life. By using the structural family theory, therapist have the ability to provide different types of family interactions; promote health and disease prevention.Family structural theory explain also pattern of living among individu who compromise family system, set system bonderies and living system (Edelman, & al. 2014). This help parent established regulation that allow both parents and children to accommodate their needs and allow them to be as supportive as possibly. Family therapy help people make this positive changes in their second marriage and adopt to stressors. It also provide safe and confident family counseling that help adjust to their new family.Surviving from a separation and starting and new loving relationship can be challenging. By using the structural family theory tools people have more luck to establish better family relationship. It is very helpful and provide tools to successful remarriage.ReferencesEdelman, C. L, Kudzuma, E. C.,& amp; Mandle, C. L. (2014). Health promotion throughout the lifespan (8th ed.). st. Louis retrieved from 

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