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Dystopia is a term that means a corrupt government who’s projects are a false image. That means, in a dystopian society, making belief and comfort that the society is correct to its followers. One good example of dystopian society is the Hunger Games. The terms that describe that dystopia towards the Hunger games are a “hierarchical society, fear of the outside world, penal system and a back story” (“Dystopia”). The Hunger Games that follows, the term that defines a dystopian fiction. One main belief that defines Dystopian society is the development into a “hierarchical society” (“Dystopia”).

A hierarchical society plays a big part in the story that outlines the whole plot. For example, Capitol is wealthier than all the districts. Some districts are more privileged than others. The Careers, being tributes from districts one to three, are planned and trained for years before the games. However, this is illegal, but because of the support towards District two from the Capitol, they are let off, along with District one and District four, the other richer districts. In this case, the Careers have many wonderful mental and psychological up sides over the other tributes (Collin 94).

Unlike, the poorer people, other tributes turn heads towards getting ready to work in different places. Living in harsh conditions, liking pushing a greater gap of the hierarchical society.Given the setting of the Hunger Games. Another sign of Dystopian society is a “fear or disgust of the world outside the state” (“Dystopia”). Going back to the Hunger Games, the district is kept circling under an electrical fence with the reason of keeping wild animals out of the district. In addition, the fence services a double purpose; citizens can’t escape from the district. Within this description, another term that’s come to Dystopia is the “big brother” effect.

The “big brother” effect not a single person can interchange districts to get better resources. In doing so, the person who commits a crime is in big trouble with the Capital. They’re predicting some leaks in the system. For example, the Hob is a black-market trading place located in an abandoned coal warehouse in District 12.

Where the district officials turn the other way for this activity flow also taking part.Next, based on the characteristics of a Dystopian world. In the Hunger Games that describes a penal system that lacks due process laws and often applies psychological or physical torture (“Dystopia”). In the category the Hunger Games fit this system. Each district has their set of rules to be followed for each person. If a person is to break any of the rules, they will be punished publicly.

This makes a perfect public example of the District and Capital measures in punishment. This set’s an example to the rest living in fear. Throughout the book, the one “who breaks the rules are labeled Avox” (Collins 80). An Avox is a person who is punished for being a rebel against the Capital. As their punishment the Avoxes’ tongue is pulled out and put into servers in the capital. Resuming the Capital’s action aren’t to be taken lightly.Finally, the last traits that define Dystopia towards the Hunger Games.

Based on the plot of the Hunger Games is a factor in the common ground taken part with a “backstory” (“Dystopia”). For example, in the Hunger Games this plays as a strike towards a war that marks a revolution. Capital ringed thirteen districts, which brought peace to the citizens, but later brought into Dark Times that put out a spike against the Capitals. In the end district thirteen was destroyed.

This made The Treaty of Treason to act on a new set of laws that represent the Hunger Games (Collins 18). Capitol maintains a constant control that describes the infinite ways of the pressure and fear within the districts. In the sense of competition of life and death to forces onto. This is a setting  and reminder of who is in charge.

 In conclusion, Dystopia defines and describes the flat idea that connects to the Hunger Games. Given the supporting information that establishes characteristics of the Dystopian values to the Hunger Games. 

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