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During the history of women, they have been held back from obtaining their dreams. Inequality focused on “colored people” for centuries, but women also never had opportunities like men did, whether they are White, Black, Latina, Asian, etc. Women have fought for equality since the 19th century and finally were granted voting rights in 1869, but this does not mean women were as equal to men or that oppression just disappeared. In “The Classic Fairy Tales” by Maria Tatar there are many ideas regarding feminism as well as the oppression of women. Females are taught to become obedient to males and females rebel against society’s norm because it is important; therefore throughout the fairy tales, the authors essentially address the issue of oppression and the absence of freedom during the 1690s. The oppression of women is analyzed by a variety of credible articles, an article, in particular, is by Psychology Today which addresses how “the maltreatment of women has more deep-rooted psychological causes” (Taylor 2). There is a clear division of society because of the oppression. There is a continuance of aggression in men that is projected onto women and the oppression of women comes mainly from a man’s need for total power. This is the same need throughout history that has made men try to overpower and basically enslave other groups. While men oppress other groups in their own society it causes them to dominate and oppress women. On the other hand, men have a small weakness that is “the sexual power that women have over them” (Taylor 4). Since men feel the need to boost their power and control, they constantly take power and control from women. Men refuse women the right to make decisions so that they can make them for them and essentially leaving the woman unable to handle her own life. Basically, they are trying to raise their sense of importance and place, in an effort to balance the unhappiness in their lives.

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