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During my work in Camphill
Community and Ireland and in the hospice in Russia, I realized how important it
is to support the clients’ dignity, self-esteem, and the right of being alone
when they want. Working in PC, I understood that there was nothing more
important for Petrova than her personal rights, dignity and respect.

According to my own vison and
people who surround me, I can say with certainty that everybody is afraid of
speaking about all aspects and things that are connected with death. It is
quiet natural for human beings to avoid speaking about this complicated topic.
During my work in the health care field I came up with the idea that even
professionals did not want to speak about it.

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Nowadays, in terms of
palliative care it has become essential for people to know what do they want in
relation to their own deaths and what factors and considerations underpin
attitudes in this area.

Nowadays, if a human being’s
brain stops working, he or she is considered to be dead. Human brain organizes
the work of all sectors of a human body. It coordinates the work of all organs,
thus, if is no longer functions, it is obvious that a man can be alive.

It goes without saying that
the development of modern technologies and innovations in the context of
medicine has significantly contributed to people’s longevity and many diseases’
prevention. Many incurable illnesses that were impossible to prevent or tackle,
can now be treated without any problems. However, there a lot of things to be
done in the future. Cancer diseases, as an illustration, are killing millions
of people all over the world. That is why, more and more attention is being
paid to palliative care that aims at the alleviation of incurable diseases. As
it has been previously mention by me, this type of care is humane and holistic
due to the fact that it helps a person to die without sufferings, anxiety, the
feeling of having unfulfilled goals or undiscussed problems and issues.
According to my working experience with Mrs. Petrova, the palliative care team
and all members of her family prepare her for death. She made a lot of things
before her death. She spoke with all her family members, gave all necessary
recommendations to them, made a will and the main point is that she did not
suffer because of the fact that proper medication was administered by
professional doctors.

There are a lot of doubtful
issues nowadays in terms of dying process. Some people are sure that a person
before death should donate organs and it might be a good option for people who
need these organs. At the other end of the spectrum, we see a lots of
situations when young and healthy people were caught by criminal elements of
the society on the street in impoverished countries and then they were killed
their organs were sold.

There are also a lot of issues
concerning dying process. For example, many people are sure that euthanasia can
be used in many hospitals and hospices if a person gives his or her permission,
while other people think that it is not admissible for humankind.

According to my work
experience in terms of palliative care, I tend to believe that every person has
a right to know about his/her disease. For example, my client, Mrs. Petrova
could accept her diagnosis and then she had a chance to discuss medical
treatment such as chemotherapy, and other aspect of her life with her relatives
and healthcare staff. In this respect, the family members and the healthcare
team encouraged discussion of end-of-life decisions and provide support.

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