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During the 17th century the English traveled across the sea ,set out on a mission to the Americas in hopes of becoming powerful and wealthy. New England as well as Virginia had gotten established very quickly . When  both New England and Virginia started  growing and establishing their ways of how society should be , they knew that they  had their different views on many of things. The English mission was to come to the Americas with the mission of  gaining more wealth and power while trying to lead others to the way of Christianity. The English had this mindset of coming to the Americas knowing that those who they may encounter were inferior to them and felt as if everyone should become accustomed to their lifestyle.The English figured they should use their authority once they arrived to the Americas, they used authority as an act of power  so they would be able to try and to control the Native Americans. Almost forcing them to do things their way. Overtime the English figured they could use their authority to manipulate the Native Americans, and that’s just what he did. The English started off by convincing the Natives to convert their religion ,their way of life ,then slowly take over their land , and get a start on the trade business. The English colonist finally reached the arrival to the Americas they soon realized  the Native Americans weren’t following with their lifestyles , and feared theyll put up a fight. The English Finally realized that the Native Americans couldn’t be changed or converted into their way of living. The English thought of themselves as superior to all others, but when arriving to the Americas they faced some hardship when it came to adapting to the new land.The Native American group, Wahunsenacawh were willing to help the English through their shortage of food and other goods and saw the Englishmen as potential partners in trading until the Englishman’s heads grew bigger, “Powhatan kept the English alive that first winter.The Powhatan had welcomed the English and their manufactured goods “(Yawp 7).Although the Native Americans were warm and welcoming to the English , they still had the objective of converting the Native Americans into Christians. After the English used the Native Americans to gain their ground and helped them with the basic needs of living the English and went to war. While the war was occurring the colonist ran out of necessities again resulting in the English hunting through the woods and turning into cannibals.Though the early years in Jamestown  was rough for the settlers , that wasn’t the end of their journey , tobacco saved Jamestown and the colonist. The production of tobacco put Jamestown on the map and was the beginning of the success for the Englishmen.The new discovery of tobacco was a piece of the pie that helped the Englishmen in manipulating and abusing their power towards the Native Americans.The English colonist discovered their first set of tobacco in Virginia and was very successful after the plant grew.Tobacco was sent back to English as a protege seeing if it would actually succeed, “The “noxious weed” a native of the New World , fetched a high price in Europe and the tobacco boom began in Virginia and then later spread to Maryland”(Yawp 9). By coming upon this new crop and experimenting with it , the English success in the tobacco industry skyrocketed. This new discovered crop was the success for not only the English colonist , but it colonized the Native Americans in Jamestown even more. The trade of tobacco created a large business trade. This put not only the English in a good start of trade , but it also was the foundation of what’s now the United States, “Within fifteen years American colonist were exporting over 500,000 pounds of tobacco a year.Within forty , they were exporting fifteen million”(Yawp 9). The english  became very successful by exporting huge amounts of tobacco. Tobacco was a crop whose price value was very high. The english became successful with tobacco because of its value which meant that they received a nice profit in return. As far as workers , the english were powerful enough to hire workers to complete the work for them. On account of tobacco the crop needed a lot of land in order to grow and produce, with this in mind the English then took over more land since the crop was so successful. The more land the colonist took the more the Native Americans became frustrated which resulted in a deadly war between the colonist and the Native Americans. The more land used to produce tobacco meant the more money the English received where they paid their workers little to nothing.The successfulness of tobacco created the Englishmen to feel as if their were more powerful on their new territory. On the other hand , the establishment of New England was a little different. When the puritans had the same mindset of going and receiving economic profit but the type of religion they were spreading was called puritan. The puritans rebelled catholicism and believed that the church’s political power was too controlling and it needed to be lower. The puritans was fairly large religion in New England although everyone did not follow the same religious path.Unlike the english colonist coming to Virginia trying to force people to convert to catholicism , the puritans on the other hand came to the Americas to seek religious freedom due to them being mocked back in England. The voyage to New England was different from the colonist arriving in Virginia because the puritans arrived with their whole families instead of sending just the men in the family.Differently from the English colonies the puritans did not come to a new land forcing the native people to adopt to their lifestyle, “When they arrived in New England they tended to replicate their home environments , founding towns comprised of independent landholders”(Yawp 13).The puritans had the same mindset as the Jamestown colonist but they went about their journey in coming to New England in a different way , and they didn’t feel as if they were superior and everyone else was beneath them. Since the beginning of time Native Americans have been misused and belittled. Before the english colonist reached the “New World” they had an agenda of how they were going to expand the religion of christianity , gaining wealth and more power. This mindset from the english colonist caused tension between the two because the english felt as if they were better than anyone else. The Native Americans weren’t budging with the colonist because they didn’t agree with the things that the colonist were doing. Virginia and New England grew and established very quickly. Tobacco was a huge growing factor not only for Virginia but the United States itself. Virginia was different from New England in a few ways, the colonist that arrived in Virginia were very mean and demanding. The english colonist came to the Americas with the thought of gaining more power , economic wealth , and to spread christianity. The puritans also arrived to New England with a few of the same mindsets, they just went about it a different way, and they came as a whole family unlike the english colonist.The English used their authority to manipulate the Native Americans by convincing them to convert their religion ,slowly take over their land , and get into the trade business.

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