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During my work in Camphill
Community and Ireland and in the hospice in Russia, I realized how important it
is to support the clients’ dignity, self-esteem, and the right of being alone
when they want. Working in PC, I understood that there was nothing more
important for Petrova than her personal rights, dignity and respect.

It goes without saying that,
first of all, all documents in which all necessary information concerning
Petrova’s illness were kept in a proper way, so that nobody except the health
care staff working with her could have the ace to it.

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I encouraged life review which
promoted patient my client’s dignity. I was speaking with Mrs. Petrova about
different topics: my client’s family, work, education, achievements. After
these conversations the client’s sense of meaning and purpose was increasing.  She became more active, the symptoms of her
disease became less noticeable and she really enjoyed it. Speaking about her
like gave her a sense of importance and contentment. She told me a lot about
her daughter and their relationships. This had a therapeutic effect on her as

I along with other
professional in healthcare used different strategies to promote her dignity. We
tried to inspire our client to enjoy every moment of her life, forgetting about
all bad events that had happened to her in the past and concentrate on the
well-being and welfare. if she wanted to be alone, her choice was highly
respected. She was given an opportunity to watch movies, TV and listen to music
which helped her a lot to overcome fear of imminent death. She also communicated
with other patients with whom she found common topics to discuss. Despite the
fact she was supported during meal time and personal hygiene process, she was given
to make some actions, when it was possible, on her own. She was a pious woman
and it was necessary for her to pray. It helped her to maintain her dignity and
self-esteem. For that reason, nobody distracted her while she was praying.

Although there were a lot of
other patients coming and going around, the sense of her dignify might be
infringed, that’s why, special curtains were used, to provide the client with
some private space. She needed the space where she could stay alone and contemplate
about things for a long period of time. Politeness and encouragement of
healthcare staff should also be taken into account. I was fascinated by the
fact that all professionals in PE were fulfilling their function according to
the best standards. Visitors were not allowed to should or speak loud while
they attend their relatives. All this factors promote a favorable atmosphere in
the place where Petrova was staying.

As I have said before, at the
last stages Petrova could not speak. In this respect, pictures were introducing
for her to make her choices in terms of her life, activities, routine easier.
Health care assistants could understand her using this pictures and there were
no problems in communication between both parties. Petrova was not ashamed of
inability to speak properly and her dignity was not humiliated by that.

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