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the Rococo, artists leaned toward the two Baroque artists name Rubens and Poussin.
Rubens believed color should dominate the canvas, while Poussin supposed that
the control of line should determine the design. The battle between Poussinistes
and Rubenistes began in the mid-18th century (Stein).
 After the Rococo Art dominated for
nearly forty years. The Neoclassicism era started slowly entering the art
history in the late 18th century and continued into the early 19th century,
literally competing with the Romanticism. Neoclassical and Romanticism extended
approximately 18th and 19th century, flourished across North America and
Western Europe. Romanticism started forty years after the Neoclassicism era
because Romantic artists believed the art should show strong imagination and
emotion, rather than reasons and intellect in Neoclassical Art. Neoclassicism
or Romanticism both had its own unique style, tone, and technique. Some artists
preferred the Neoclassical Art than Romantic art, while the others preferred
opposite, so let interpretation why many chose one or the other as their best
art style.

was inspired by the French Revolution in the 18th century. Neoclassical Art
depicting characteristic of the late 18th century was a renewed admiration of
classical antiquity. It combined the subjects and styles of the ancient art
that fascinated from the Greek and Roman myth and culture. The key artists in
the Neoclassicism movement were Jacques-Louis David and Angelica Kauffman
through their “The Death of Marat” and “Cornelia Presenting her Children as Her
Treasures”. Angelica Kauffman was one of the pioneers of the Neoclassical Art
who often chose subjects drawn from Roman history for her paintings (Kleiner, Europe and America 1700-1800). Most of all
paintings from the Neoclassical Art movement used the technique of stressed use
of lines and created no trace of brushstrokes. Artists painted their painting
with the purpose of motivating and bring hope to the audience, for instance,
David’s painting “Oath of the Horatii” served as an example of patriotism and
sacrifice (Kleiner, Europe and America 1700-1800). David believed that
the subject of an artwork should have a moral and motivation values, that is
why he used the rational and calm tone in each of his works. I believe many
artists prefer Neoclassical Art rather than Romantic Art because the used of
calm tone, no trace of brushstroke and the order values.

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emerged from a desire for not only political freedom but also for the freedom
of thought, feeling, action, worship, taste, and speech (Kleiner, Europe and America 1800-1870). Artists in the
Romanticism era believed the path to freedom was through the imagination and functioned
feeling. Therefore, through the “Death of Saranapalus” by Eugène Delacroix and “Raft
of the Medus” by Theodore Gericault, the audience can see the values in emotion
and imagination. Differ from Neoclassical, Romantic Art fascinated with
legends, exotic, nature, and violence. According (, artists during the Romantic
period, “portrayed nature’s power and unpredictability, evoking a feeling of
the sublime and mixed with terror in the viewer.” Most artists used the heroic
struggle, landscape and wild animals as the genre to hook the attention of the
audience. They used the quick brushstrokes, chiaroscuro and tenebrism technique
to create the spontaneous tone that set their art piece different than the
Neoclassical Artists. I believe many artists like Romantic Art better than
Neoclassical Art more because they like the treatment of light and shade in the
painting more. Also, the quick brushstrokes style and tenebrism technique. 

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