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Due to the need for reliable prediction of reservoir performance, reservoir numerical simulation is now one of the fastest growing organisms in the oil sector in recent decades. Advances in electronic computing hardware and significant improvements in numerical analysis are two important factors in numerical simulation of the reservoir. These models make an important contribution to improving oil recovery. Tank models are used to understand and predict reservoir performance. One of the most important activities in the field development and management is the chronology matching process. Coincident models are the basis for allowing a reliable future prediction and a level of understanding of the geological and reservoir models. Based on the complexity of available live production data and repositories, chronological matching process can take a long time. In order to obtain a composite model, it is possible to make some changes to the geological models and reservoir models, mainly those with large uncertainties, such as relative permeability curves, distribution through reservoirs and parameters of several other samples. One of the goals of this work is to use the Schlumberger Petrel-RE 2014 simulation software in the historical coincidence of the Zhugzhou Bridge dedicated field in the Zh86 block. The comparative history will be based on trial and error by modifying the nature and modeling of reservoir size, including groundwater support systems. The best historical coupling was obtained by modifying the critical water saturation (SWCR) in the system, using the Carter Tracy aquifer model to simulate aquifer supports and modifying the horizontal and vertical permeability of the model. After reaching historical coincidence, two prediction strategies were developed and compared, in which we conducted direct modeling to generate a certain level of confidence in the reservoir model. Production targets; envisioned water cuts, water production, oil production and well rates and the entire field. The result of the index is presented and analyzed as a function of time. The result shows that Zh86 Block of Zhaozhouqiao Oilfield is still very promising in production. In the reservoir model, the uncertainty and sensitivity were evaluated, and the influence of some properties of Zh86 block reservoir on volume calculation and the simulation results were analyzed. You can see the impact of uncertainty on our contact location and volume calculations in this model. Studied the effect of grid resolution in horizontal well layout, selected horizontal and vertical grids of different resolutions, constructed a composite block diagram Zh86, extended the model to the model, and placed the waterproof shale in each model The best location below the zone. Using a model with fine grid resolution, the well can be placed in the best position in the tank model.

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