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Doug Conant, a renowned American Businessman once said that in order to win in the marketplace, one must first win in the workplace. This conveys that a positive workplace ensures higher productivity of employees resulting in a positive outcome. An engaged workforce is the core of every successful business, not only they contribute to higher productivity and revenue but also ensure better brand recall leading to value creation for all the stakeholders.

The relationship between an employee and organization is one of the key relationships to thrive in today’s competitive corporate world. There are two sides to employee engagement, an emotional attachment that an employee has towards the workplace, role, organization’s culture and colleagues; and the initiatives that an organization takes up to keep the employees motivated, leading to an increase in the productivity and overall business success. The foundation of employee engagement is based on trust, integrity, unity and a two-way communication between the employee and the organization.

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An engaged employee works much beyond the assurance of pay check, promotion or bonus, but works to achieve the organization’s goals. Building an extraordinary work environment is a complex task, however there is a need to communicate vision & values, provide adequate training to the managers and leaders stand by the organizational values, and then judiciously choose the right people who fit the ecosystem. And once people join, there is a need to continuously improve, re-design and make necessary modifications to the work environment in order to make it modern, human, and enjoyable. Any engaged workplace has authentic values based on mutual respect; according to Towers Perrin research companies, engaged workforce result in 6% higher net profit margins. By 2020, nearly half of the workforce will comprise of millennials, who consider individual identities, unique experiences and viewpoints to define diversity. Millennials seek for deeper connection, they value the exchange of ideas via cultural connections and are attracted to environments where true teamwork is embraced.

In an ever-evolving working environment, employee engagement is no longer limited to the HR domain but is also core part of organizational leadership. Professor Warren G. Bennis once said that leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right. An effective leader is a person who creates an inspiring vision for the future, encourages people, trains and builds a team. According to the recent survey by Times Jobs, the Indian employers are actively working towards building an engaged environment for their employees through vigorous investments and modifications in the policies. The survey also recorded a whopping 60% improvement in the Indian workspace over the past two years.

Awards & Recognition, off-sites, recreational centres and employee friendly policies are few adoptive measures which improve the emotional quotient of the employees and helps them adopt the multi-fold culture of large organizations effortlessly. The trend of multi-culture at the workplace has seen a significant growth in the past decade, this has been made possible due to the diverse pool of talent. In order to sustain the influx of talent, the organizations have begun creating a flexible, transparent and amicable environment. Additionally, an organization should strive to provide ample opportunities for an employee to learn and innovate on the job, undertake progressive projects, and at the same time provide assistance through support and knowledge when required. The organization should also encourage and support flexibility to new ideas and approach for greater participation from employees.

A successful employer keeps the well-being of employee as his priority and makes sure that none of the employees are exceedingly stressed. Once an employee feels engaged to an organization, it becomes a two-way street wherein the organization becomes ’employer of choice’, i.e. close to the employee’s heart and the employee translates into a 360-degree brand ambassador of the organization, showcasing traits like loyalty, productivity, and ownership. Hence, employee engagement is an important aspect of any organizational structure both for the employee and the employer. 

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