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Does gender matter? We are too bounded and behave according
stereotype of gender that invented by the society. Aren’t we all feel much
freer to be who really are? Sometimes boys just don’t want to be called
feminine, or some girls boyish. How various normative and feminities
materialize and queer masculinities within historically and culturally specific
fields of inequality and power. (Harvard Department of Anthropology, 2018).


The gender stereotypes affect people by its unfair and
unequal treatment, called sexism. Based on the ‘Planned Parenthood’ there are basic
kinds of stereotypes divided into 4 parts:

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Physical appearance – how women expected to
have a ideal body such as thin, and graceful, while men expected physically to
be taller than woman and muscular. They both are also expected to groom and
dress the way they are stereotype to their gender.

Domestic behaviours – Some people tend to
expect that the man should work for their families and take care of finances,
and do some home repairs, while women expected to take car of their children at
home, cook, and clean the house.

Occupations – Some people are quick to assume
that the models, nurses, and teachers are women, and that engineers, doctors,
and pilots are men.

Personality traits – Men tend to be
aggressive and self-confident, while woman often expected to be emotional and accommodating.
(Planned Parenthood, 2018).


Sometimes these gender stereotypes can make relationship
between people difficult, and extreme they can be harmful because of they don’t
allow us to fully express our feelings and emotions.


Gender stereotypes can be fights by brands, for example
CoverGirl, a beauty industry only represented women in mainstream advertising,
but this changes when the YouTuber makeup artist, James Charles was names as
CoverGirl’s first male spokesperson. And he contributed to rise of male beauty
in general.

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