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Do you have kids? And are they under 8? If they do they have a phone? well they shouldn’t. After you read this you will think twice before getting your kid a phone.  First kids health, have you thought about this? Well they can have a severe risk of a lot of cancers, brain tumors, and ADHD. So first, cancer the worst because if you start at a young age like 7 months of age to 3 years old and it will take 10-20 years to develop cancer and I don’t think you would want that for your kids because there is still not the strongest cure for cancer. Next, Brain tumors this is not the worst but still not the best because kids brains have thinner tissue and adults have thicker tissue, and that would not be good for your brain. Last, ADHD I have a lot to say about this one, ADHD means Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and you will get this if you spend hours on your phone like 4-8 hours, It can ether last a lifetime or years it also is not curable. It harms males more than females and if you are 6-40 it will affect you the most. This explains that ADHD is not good for you to have. To rap this up you should try and keep your kids safe and healthy.                  Next, Bullying it’s the worst and not fun, First, “Heavy iphone users”, are more likely to engage in the practice of bullying online”. Do you want that for your kids I would not because it would a lot of controversy. Next, “Nearly 43 percent of kids have been bullied online!” That might seem like not a lot but it’s a big deal because 43 percent is 50 kids thats half of 100! Last, 70 percent of students have reported seeing bullying and they did not do anything, put yourself in their shoes. To end this, would you want to be bullied? I bet you wouldn’t.     Last, Behaviour are your kids acting bad maybe this is why. First, a lot of 7-8 year olds will have bad behaviour if they start using iphones, ipads, etc… and will not be happy when you take their electronics i mean they will get grumpy and will only want to stay on whatever electronic they are on. Next, 58 percent of kids in France have phones and here’s the twist…..Most of them are under 2! Isn’t that crazy I think so! Last, little kids under the age of two will not be happy if you take any kinds of electronics because they get so attached to whatever they are playing on. Do you want your kid to be like this? Umm…  I don’t think so.                                Some people say since kids do sports and get dropped off they should have phones to communicate with whoever is picking them up, but they have a coach´s phone. They are adults and can stay with the kids until their parents get there… I right?! Last, people say, I got my child a phone because other parents are getting their kids phones, but I think that kids don’t need the phone just because other people are   getting one! That’s ridiculous, in my opinion.Last but certainly not the least,     Do you think your kid needs a phone now? I bet you don’t! Because they can have health risks,Bullying,and bad behaviour.  

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