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Do you have a professional exp? If yes, please describe your
task and duties in chronologic order?


In today’s complicated business environment, an
organization’s flexibility, agility, and capability to manage continuous
change by innovation can be stair to success. Old methods may no longer lead to
reach objectives when economic conditions are hostile. That’s where business analysis
comes in. Companies achieve goals through projects that implement customer
needs into new products, services, and profits. Business analysts can make it
all happen more logically and effectively.

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When I joined Alliant InfoTech, they provide us the training
and information about related technologies. They first give me oversimplified
structure of what a business analyst do? This include-

Keep up to date with what is taking place in the

Identify key trends shaping the business

Understand standard process and methodologies in

Understand the regulatory environment within the

Following are the key duties that an business analyst

An important aspect of IT systems is
requirements. Incomplete or improper requirements usually lead to failure of
project. A business analyst analyses a project’s requirements by withdraw them
from business or government policies, as well as from present and future users,
via communication and inspection

 In the
world of dynamic IT things can rapidly change. Plans are subject to change, and
predicting requirements, which will be needed in the future or which have not
yet been taken into consideration is important to successful results.

Focus of user must be on core business needs and
not on personal preferences, activity similar to trends or old processes, or
non-crucial changes.  

frequently originate from unlike, sometimes contradictory sources. It is job of
business analyst to manage them into interconnected categories for effectively use
them. Requirements are arrange according to their origin and relevancy. To
prevent requirements of project from slip up proper organization, which leads
to maximum use of time, is must.

An excellent quality of business analyst is convert
business needs in to technical demand. This task involves using strong analysis
and modeling gadgets to perfectly peer planned business goals with technical

removes the risk by evaluating that needs are met before investing more
resource in project development. At regular intervening period in the project
circulation, it is a job of business analyst to prevent the business and user’s
requirements by checking performance and precision of the needs against the
authentic beginning documents.

Main goal of every IT company is to achieve
business goal; the business analyst reveals activities that help him to reach
the goals and avoid activities that cause problem or do not solve the problem. The
business analyst focus on simplicity all the time mainly in implementation.  

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