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Do you ever think that why Canada has two official languages? the Royal Commission on Bilingualism Commission recommended that Canada should be declared officially bilingual by making French and English the official languages of the federal Parliament and courts. on September 9, 1969, the Official Languages Act was passed. The Act declared: The English and French languages are the official languages of Canada. An Act Respecting the Status of Official Languages in Canada which gives French and English equal status in the government of Canada. There were many things happened between the two official languages. Many peoples were felt that French Canadian were getting special treatment, some people questioned why so much money was spent on making French services. 


               English and French are the official languages of Canada and they take pleasure in the independent status and equal constitutional rights and freedoms as to their use in all the organizations of the Government of Canada. And from then all documents, reports, Speeches, and pamphlets issued to the public were now to be published in the French and English. This act made the federal offices offer services in both languages, therefore, English government workers were taught to speak and understand French. Public signs identifying federal offices are in both official languages Federal court decisions were published in both official languages as well, federal government services in both languages were to be available in parts of Canada where there was a large French-Canadian minority.

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              Many other actions included in the official language act such as Federal funds were made available to promote bilingualism, Services were extended for French-language radio and television outside Quebec, Rules were introduced requiring bilingual labels on products, more federal public service jobs were elected bilingual (Prior to the Act, only 14% of top government jobs were held by French Canadians even though French Canadian made up 25% of Canada’s population). People have the right to use either French or English in Parliament. Assembly is required to provide simultaneous interpretation of its debates and other information, as well as translations of its official news.


               There are new rules that offices and store must provide services in both official languages. To find out where you can get services from a federal institution in the official language of your choice. language educational rights for English-speaking children in the Quebec and French-speaking children in the rest of Canada. You have the right to communicate and get services from the head or central office of a federal institution in the official language of your choice. Other offices and service from federal organizations are also required to provide services in both languages. The number of French-Canadian in the Government of Canada’s Public Service rose to 26% or about the percentage of French-Canadians in Canada. This Act made teaching the French language compulsory in English schools and gave parents the right to choose the language of instruction of their children, which caused great concern among part of the population.

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