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you have what it takes to live without social media for a day ? Most of us will
say no. This is because, social media has become important towards human for
the past 10 year. Verily,social media brings amny disadvantages through
addiction.The disadvantages of social media addiction are it can cause ones to
have lower self-esteem,lack of sleep, and showing off.

of the effects of social media addiction is it can lead to lower self-esteem.We
cannot compare our lifestyle with others, because we will be unsatisfied with
our current lifestyle as  Amesbury
(2015),” said  “People match themselves
to the posts they see, and then feel incomplete”. When we compare our life with
celebrities or rich people, we will try to copy their lifestyle which will
burden us. Part of the reason Facebook makes people feel
socially isolated is the comparison factor( Walton,2017 ) .For instance,many
teenagers went to a luxury restaurant in order to post their picture eating
there on social media.Ergo, social media addiction can cause lower self-esteem.

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Secondly, social media
addiction also gives us a lack of sleep, because we spend an hour scrolling
through social media before going to sleep.The average person now spends more
time each day on their phone and computer than they do sleeping
(McGillivray,2015). Adults, teenagers and even children’s performances will be
affected due to this problem.For example,students will feel sleepy during
lecture, because they did not get enough sleep that night.Hence,they cannot
focus during class. But, ultimately, the key is to turn off all screens as
early as possible to allow your body and mind to get
into sleep mode (Loney,2016).Ergo,it is clear that social media gives us lack
of sleeps when addicted.


Next,social media addiction
motivate people to become someone that always showing off. These include the
desires to share valuable and entertaining content to others.This is because
they want people to know their interests such as hobby,favourite brands and
foods. People also share information about themselves in social media because
they want to feel important. The most common reason behind
showiness is insecurity( Parvez,2014 ).For instance,a boy purchased a Daniel
Wellington watch.After that,he posted the picture of the watch with its receipt
in Instagram to tell his followers about how rich he is.This show that,the boy
had developed a bad habit which is showing off.Ergo,social media developed
showing off habit in human.


a nutshell, it is clear that social media addiction is harmful towards
us.But,there is many people who still addicted to them even though they know
the bad effects of this addiction.To reverse this trend,parents must limit
their children from using smartphones since they were kid to avoid them from
addicted to social media in the future.

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