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Do you know that your body language can have a great impact on your career? A good posture coupled with effective communication skills can do wonders during your job interview!

Yes, body language plays a very significant role in an individual’s success, not just in job interviews but also in career growth. Thus, it is highly necessary to work on it, although the implementation looks easy to most people.

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To help you with the same, here are some effective body language tips:

1.    Maintain eye contact:

It is widely known that how important it is to maintain an eye contact while speaking. But, coupling it with occasional nodding and promptly answering to in between questions can add wonders to your professional image.

Maintaining an eye contact also shows respect for the speaker. And this on longer terms can turn things to your advantage. Now, a very important thing to do is to listen to the other person and not hear. There is a thin difference between the two things, thus be very attentive about it.


2.    The Art Of Handshake:

Looks a lot simpler, but has a high significance and value in terms of non-verbal communication. Therefore, a work and practice on it can set the right tone for any proceedings.

The tip is to avoid an excessively firm or absurdly limp handshake. Rather, aim for a short natural soothing grasp to communicate respect and trust. This is the correct way to do a handshake.


3.    Posture Matters:

How many times do you slouch while sitting or cross your arms while interacting with someone? Quite often, right?

What if I tell you, all these postures send wrong vibes that the other person is not open to the conversation or typically is ‘closed off’?!

Try avoiding such postures and keep your body relaxed and arms at your sides. This sends a positive signal to the other person and creates a good impression.


4.    A Smile Can Be Contagious:

A lot of questions may arise on what is the right way to smile because, apparently, a smile is a smile. It is always conveying the same emotion of endearment. But, is it so? Think again.

There are a variety of smiles, but the most convincing smile begins slowly and is spread all over the face. Almost the lips make an ear to ear curve. Kind of the same when you see your family after a long time.



5.    Palms Must Face Down:

Body language consists of minor things that together play a vital part in creating (or not creating) a good image of yours. One of the minor things is the direction of your palm.

Now, many might question, how the face of the palm, whether kept up or down, affects the image at all. But in reality, when an individual place both of their hands palm down on a table or podium or even counters with others while speaking, it showcases a sense of leadership and authority.

This minute thing can be very important in every scenario, including a job interview.

These were a few tips on body language and its benefits. The SEEQ (Smart Enhancement Employement Program) course covers all this and much more on similar lines to make you employable at a very affordable price tag.

The jobs these days are majorly dependent on your technical and interpersonal skills. And if you are in any way planning for an MBA ahead, this course is an absolute must for you.

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