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Do you really know how to shave?

Initially, shaving may not seem an intimidating task until
the process actually starts. It can really be messy and difficult. However,
there are few simple instructions to follow so that the experience can be
rather easy and satisfactory. Let’s not waste any time and get right to the

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The Perfect Shave

There are high tech razors available in today’s world but
lots of men still get razor burn, cuts and imperfect shave. Shaving has been
one of the biggest part in men’s life and all men strive for a perfect shave
every morning. Some imperfect modern techniques have replaced the beneficial
old art of shaving because the former is cheaper and quick. The modern
disposable razors are not nicer than the precision made tool and most of the
men have started using them without even thinking about the results. You must
throw these drug store disposable out since they are not doing any favors to
you.  Of late, men of all age groups are taking
care of their appearance, you should not be surprised to know that they are
getting back to traditional wet shave. Many of you will be shocked to know that
it is an old method of shaving and it is proving itself beneficial. You must
visit to get a perfect razor for getting the perfect

Basic Tools for

There are basically three important ingredients for shaving
i.e. a good brush, a good shaving cream and a good razor. Each one of them is
important to be a good quality, if you compromise with the quality just to save
some money that may cause you unwanted results for your skin. A good shaving
brush plays an important part to get a perfect shave, it can prove to be a
single most effective element in your daily routine of shaving. Genuine hair
badger shaving brushes are available in all sizes and for all hair types, you
must pick the best quality shaving brush for the most comfortable shave. You
are suggested to go for high quality razor that you are most comfortable with.
Visit to get German made razors offering a wide range of
extremely high quality, precision-made safety razors, sharpest blades, the
coolest and most trusted razors. Once you are done with 2 important elements,
you have to choose a good quality shaving cream. If you have made a right and
better choice of these 3 elements, you will get a perfect result by following
right steps.

Steps for Shaving

Once you have all important and good quality three shaving
ingredients, you will need a small tub full of hot water as a next step. Soak
the shaving brush in hot water and keep your face as hydrated as possible for
wet shaving after that take the brush out an hold it upside down till the water
stops pouring. Furthermore, take the right amount of cream and start applying
with the brush up and down on your face and don’t forget to apply it in a
circular motion in the shaving area. Then keep your brush aside safely and pick
up your razor and start shaving downward on your face and neck noticing the
direction your hair grow. After this, you must rinse off your face with cold
water to close the pores and you must rinse your shaving brush, make it dry and
do keep it in a safe place instead of just let it lying down. Afterwards, pat
your face with a clean and dry towel and do use a non- alcoholic after shave.

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