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Display advertising is a mode of advertising that delivers a
commercial message optically through text, logos, animations, videos,
photographs or other graphics. Display advertisers usually target users with
particular characteristic to boost the ad’s effect. Display advertising is
advertising on digital channels. Ads can be shown on websites, mobile sites and
mobile apps, as well as in games and social media messages. Display ad, also
known as banner ad is a form of online paid advertising that is usually a
designed image or a photo and copy. Display ads function variously than text
ads because they are not found in search results. They can be spotted on
websites and can feature collective displays or some type of animation to
engage the users.

of Display Advertising-

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           Characteristic of an effective
display ad-

Display ad landing pages-

When a user clicks on your display ad,
sending them to your website is improbable to result in them taking the action
you want them to take. Impressive display ads lead to landing pages particular
to the offer that gives all the necessary information users need to close the


Real Time Bidding-

Real time bidding and demand side platforms
(DSP) can help boost the effectiveness of your display ads. Demand side
platforms obtain data about users from across the web to disclose which age,
gender and demographic groups are interested in which topics. This info. Is
used in real-time bidding, which is the procedure by which a display ad brings
selected for a page in the time that it takes the page to load.


Simple Design-

Display ads are meant to stand out, but not
in a misleading or repulsive way. Use a clean and attractive design with visual
essential features that attract the eye, such as graphics, large and small
fonts, and complementary colors and catch messaging.


Clear Information-

In order for your display ad to build brand
awareness, make it easy for users to recognize your business as soon as they
see your ad. Your business name and logo should be on there and it should be


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