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Discussion Board 2

Exercise 1.1

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The problem
posed in exercise 1.1 involves a nurse who has to make a decision that concerns
her job and her family life. The couple has one child and they share their time
equally in taking care of the child. At the same time, they are expecting
another child. Meanwhile, the nurse has just had an offer for the position of
charge nurse which is an opportunity to advance her career which she values so
much. However, her husband’s attorney job has started booming and requires much
of his time. The decision they have to make requires how to deal with the
advancement proposal for the nurse, the demanding attorney job, and time for
the child and the unborn child. The scenario is quite common for young couples
and needs a concrete decision and plan. In this scenario, the best decision
making model would be the managerial decision making model. According to
Marquis and Huston (2015), the managerial decision making model helps in
outlining the professional and family objectives as well as in determining the
available options including setting objectives, outlining the options, weighing
the pros and cons, making decision, activating the plan, and re-evaluating.

With the
managerial decision making model for the scenario, there are three main options
including the time for family, the husband’s attorney job expansion, and the
nurse’s career progress. For these three options, the nurse must decide which
is most valuable. The nurse must consider independent variables such as the
time for family, child care possibility, morals and values, and satisfaction
from career advancement. For the nurse, she has two options including turning
down the charge nurse position and hope for a future proposal. This means she
would have to sacrifice her love for career advancement in order to take care
of family demands as well as allow her husband to progress in his own career.
Secondly, she may take the charge nurse position and look for alternative ways
to meet the family needs. For me, I would accept the career advancement and
look for a child care that can take care of my children. With a child care, my husband
and I would be able to advance in our careers and our family income will be

After deciding
to accept the charge nurse position offer, I would then go ahead to determine
the family needs and the alternatives. This will include identifying alternatives
for child care, the time for family, financial needs, and the schedule of work.
In this case, my husband and I would compare the cost of paying for day care
and the increase in our incomes. As a charge nurse, I would look for the
possibility of having off days during the week to take care of the children and
my husband can take care at weekends. According Huffman, Craddock, Culberston,
and Klinefelter (2017), when making decisions, it is necessary to be proactive
before applying the changes so as to have a mastery of a situation. When the
couple has analyzed the situation and the possible outcome, they would have to
decide as far as their careers and the future of the family is concerned. For
the nurse, she has to make a decision regarding her charge nurse position and
compliance with other variables that will be affected, including child care,
family time, finances, work schedule, and her husband’s compliance. Then, she
can go ahead and take the new position and start the process of having a day
care for her child.

The managerial
decision making model works well in both professional and personal decision
making scenarios. The couple in this scenario must take into consideration the
many likely outcomes of the decision. According to Kurland (2000), it is
necessary to consider the procedure and the outcome so as to make a decision
that is best informed because improvements can be made at some stages of the
decision making process.



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