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Discrimination towards people that are immigrants, people of specific gender, colour and even age have been a cause for a recent spike in outlash at legal systems. In many countries sentencing has been a controversial topic. Even if you are being investigated for something like murder, you still have your rights that protect you and they cannot be violated. In our country you have the right to a fair trial in court. Judges are appointed, automatically dismissing the idea of having corruption with an elected judge in a certain trial. You are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, providing yourself with the benefit of the doubt. Also, you have protection from cruel and unusual punishment. There have been many cases such as the Brock Turner case, that have made people question if sentencing is based on money, race, or gender instead of what that person deserves. Such atrocious acts like murder, rape or kidnapping deserve to come with an unquestionable sentence. Fortunately, we live in a nation that understands the difference between a guilty mind and an unstable one. Punishing isn’t all about serving time in prison or serving community hours to clean up a park. The key to an equitable system is understanding that each case is different and so are the sentences. It isn’t fair for someone who is suffering from a mental illness to serve years in a horrid place for them having a relapse or an episode. Every case is unique, sometimes it is more appropriate for an offender to serve their “punishment” by getting treatment and eventually being able to be a functioning member of society. We as canadians believe in giving just punishments, but also in being humaine. We do not have the death penalty, everyone has the right to life. The longest sentence we have is twenty-five years, which is served by committing first or second degree murder. By not taking life we offer the chance of redeeming one’s self. We give an opportunity for change and redemption. When you commit a crime, you pay an appropriate consequence and are given opportunities to make things right. We may be considered soft when sentencing, but is it not equitable to give chances, punish accordingly and provide treatment to those who truly need it? I believe so.  

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