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Did you know that beauty pageants are unhealthy and can cause many health difficulties? Beauty pageants are bad because they cause health issues. They also damage the contestants self confidence because of the judges comments. Lastly beauty pageants send the wrong type of message to young children. This proves that beauty pageants are bad. Beauty pageants are damaging to self confidence because of the comments made by the judges and the internet. In the article it says when losing a contest they can feel depressed and empty. In the text it says “Attractiveness in our culture requires one to be thin and to appear pretty. This form of validation is externally driven, which leads young girls to believe that their value lies in the judgements of “others.”” .  In the text it says These findings have striking implications about the factors comprising young children’s self-image and esteem. Eating disorders are now presenting in children as young as 6 years old, with dieting becoming more common among those under the age of 10. This proves beauty pageants are bad.Eating disorders and depression happen 9/10 times to the constrestants of beauty pageants. The death rate of young girls with anorexia has been estimated to be 12 times of that without anorexia. For example the average women BMI of young women is turning from overweight to underweight. This proves that .E.D. occur & that beauty pageants are not healthy.  Furthermore, most children being forced into beauty pageants at young ages get anorexia by 14-16 years of age. For example . This proves that beauty pageants are unhealthy.  Eating disorders are a side effect of beauty pageants.   Beauty pageants send the message to young girls. In the article it say that every little girl wants to have a gigantic beautiful crown with an amazing crown and their parents give it to them which makes them self centered and want everything.  For example younger girls grow up thinking that makeup and hiding true beauty is what makes them beautiful. This proves that beauty pageants send the wrong type of messages to people. In addition the outfits are really short and they show to much skin. They also attract the wrong type of attention for instance the JonBenét Ramsey case. In the text it says “its whats on the inside that makes you beautiful, but what’s on the inside is something that contestants are taught. This shows that beauty pageants send the wrong message to young girls. Beauty pageants think they have to look good to be good, but actually it’s in the eyes of the beholder.Some people may argue that beauty pageants are good and that beauty pageants are the doorway to making new friends however, that may be only one out of very few reasons why beauty pageants are good.Some people may argue that beauty pageants have raised millions of dollars for charities and they have in deed, but that does not to all of the disadvantages. While many claim they are good, I have done alot of research and my finds are correct. On a personal note I know alot of people with bad depression including my own sister because of the comments made by people about her weight and how ugly she is this is why you should not force your kids to be in beauty pageant because they will most likely get depression.As one can tell beauty pageants are very bad and cause not 2-3 but alot of health effects. I have proved this by using my resources and the internet. Beauty pageant can kill one many think that they can’t, but they can.

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