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Did you ever start doing something you didn’t want to do but
your parents forced you to do? Yes, I have, learning to play an instrument, my
parents forced me to play Alto saxophone and take lessons. Although going to
those lessons and starting to enjoy it and learning how to play that instrument
was a challenge, but when I did it a lot I started to enjoy it and went to playing
every day and having the best band conductor that makes me enjoy it and love it,
even more, every day. This was a challenge I conquered that taught me many
lessons and changed me as a person in general and made me have so many memories
in the band life and I will always remember I made a good choice of overcoming
it and not letting it tear me down.

First I would hate going to lessons every Tuesday at 7:00, I
would hate practicing, and I would be scared if my dad got home and I wasn’t
practicing or haven’t already practiced. I was ready to drop out, I hated
everything about a band and learning how to play my instrument. I didn’t
understand anything about music. Although when I started trying defeat this
challenge I came in between an interesting middle school experiencing of band
and learning to play my instrument because I had 3 different band conductors
and I couldn’t get used to all their teaching but at the same time I did many cool
and fun outside of school band things, for example, solo and ensemble in 6th
and 7th grade and getting superiors ratings that I started to enjoy
it and love it. Also, one of my favorite parts during the 8th-grade
year of middle school that I did because of the band is going to the University
of Georgia and participating in the 25th annual middle school band
festival and playing in the white band with the direction of candy white. After
that experience, I knew I wanted to continue band for my high school career and
even went to the fine arts academy at heritage high school for band. After all that
I loved playing my instrument, concert band, marching band, and jazz band. I do
it all!!

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To conclude, as a result of me defeating this challenge I’ve
learned a lesson. The biggest lesson I learned was that you should always
listen to your parents because they always know what is best for you even if
you think it’s stupid or not worth your time to do. Also just because you
“think” a challenge is hard you should know that they are meant to be hard
because in life you’re going to go thru many and they can either shape you or
define you and the challenge I went thru shaped me to love music and enjoy
everything about it and I will always appreciate my parents for giving me that opportunity
of me learning to play an instrument and 
love the fine arts. 

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