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Deviance depends on
society. If the majority of society deems a behavior, image or action is wrong
or improper, it then becomes deviant but over time these ideas can change or be
reversed. In some cases, the “deviant” item can be constantly in question due
to the fact that society is split on the decision to fully make it a societal
norm or a deviance. For instance, abortion has been a topic which people can’t
quite make up their minds on whether it is a good or bad thing.

Abortions were the norm
prior to the 1820s, they were advertised left and right and people could easily
buy pills or tonics at their local store if they wanted one. An abortion in
that that time would be the mother removing the fetus any time before she was
able to feel any movement.  From the
1820s to the 1950s, all things relating to abortions were made illegal,
although many turned a blind eye to those searching for or performing abortions
illegally. The 1950s and 1960s ushered in a change to the norms again with many
organizations forming to protect women’s rights, birth control, and abortions
and to have those previous laws overturned. More and more people were voicing out
against the laws, shedding light on how they were unfair and violating their human
rights and taking their claims to the courts.

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The 1970s brought the change
people wanted to see. States began to repeal their abortion laws and with the Supreme
Court deciding in the case of Roe vs. Wade that abortions are the right of the person,
it made it against the law for anyone to be denied an abortion under the proper
conditions. Along with abortions being available, contraceptives were also made
available to all women regardless of their relationship status. Little by little
the abortion laws were removed from the states and then the divide in opinions began
to show as people began to fight to have the decision changed or more liberties
with abortions. The 1980s, 1990s and 2000s brought more changes like protection
against any unfair regulations against abortions, protection for the clinics offering
abortions, and approval of new methods of abortions that would be less invasive.
Even up until today there are people constantly fighting to protect these rights
and there are people trying to have them removed.


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