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Developing country – a country
having a standard of living or level of industrial production is below that
possible with financial or technical aid; a country that is not yet highly
industrialized where people generally have low incomes. Examples are:
Argentina, China, Malaysia. Developed
country is a country with a highly developed economy, advanced industrial
activity and infrastructure, and a relatively low poverty rate. Developed
countries are characterized by comparatively high standards of living where
many people have enough money to buy the things they need. Examples are: the
USA, the South Korea, Canada etc.            There are several things should be explained more in
details that developing countries have in common. So, they are:-         
low standards of living, low level of housing, incomes
and education;-         
high rates of population birth and dependency burdens
(pretty often developing countries tend to have birth rates that are double on
average the rates of the developed ones. With higher birth rates, there are
more children dependent on adults and it calls higher children dependency ratio
which is not good, cause economically children are not productive part of the
substantial dependence on the agricultural production
and primary market exports (exports of raw materials, developing countries
often are not manufacturing, which is secondary market);-         
prevalence of imperfect market and limited information
that can be connected to the lack of necessary factors for enable markets to
work efficiently and lack in legal system or education that calls that lack of
dependence on international relations (developing
countries are dominated by developed nations because of their economic and
political power).These
are the factors that characterize developing states and can be hindrances for
economic development, unfortunately. And all of the developing countries have
several of these factors that should be changed and that exactly what is often
written in their development programs.Now,
let’s move on to the developed ones. The characteristics are next:-         
their birth and death rates are stable. They do not
have excessively high birth rates because, thanks to quality medical care and
high living standards, infant mortality rates are low. Families do not feel the
need to have high numbers of children with the expectation that some will not
survive. No developed country has an infant mortality rate higher than 10 per
1,000 live births. In terms of life expectancy, all developed countries boast
numbers greater than 70 years; many average 80.-         
they have more women working, particularly in
high-ranking executive positions. These career-oriented women frequently choose
to have smaller families or eschew having children altogether.-         
they use a disproportionate amount of the world’s
resources, such as oil. In developed countries, more people drive cars, fly on
airplanes, and power their homes with electricity and gas. Inhabitants of
developing countries often do not have access to technologies that require the
use of these resources.-         
they have higher levels of debt. Nations with
developing economies cannot obtain the kind of seemingly bottomless financing
that more developed nations can.And
from that two lists we can see the real difference between developing and
developed states. Two different types of countries have different goals and
purposes that will affect development plans. So, I would like to go through my
analysis of the difference in these plans.

looking for some development programs of both types of the state the main thing
that I realized that developing ones are more focused in solving of their inner
problems than developed ones. That seems to me very logical due to the fact
that local systems should be improved because they are weak at the moment (e.g.
education improvement, health care system improvement etc.). Developed nations
are involved into the global market, so there are more goals that is connected with
the increasing of the international indicators creating possibilities to be
competitive and powerful on the global arena. Secondly, developed countries’
programs are directed to the improvement of Research & Development programs
and ecological things. By the increase in national development, such states are
trying to create more comfortable environmental conditions and they are more
interested in scientific discoveries than developing ones. It is again
connected with the number of national problems that should be solved. And the
third thing, the most obvious by the way, is the amount of investments and
clearance of the results. It is so evident that the budget of developed state
is higher than developing one’s and the first can allow to spend more money on
the implementation of the socioeconomic programs and also, there is an
information what numbers should be reached by the end of the duration of the
plan. If we will look at Germany’s plan and Uzbekistan’s we will see that point
in differences. In Germany’s program, there is the amount to be spent for the
certain goal that is described in numbers. But if we look at the program of
Uzbekistan we’ll see that it is description of the spheres but without any
clearance and concretization with some numbers for data.

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