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Design can engage people’s minds from us a simple sign to an elaborate advert, installation, and an animation. The forward thinking in the way visual language is implemented to a broad spectrum of design in professional practice has always interested me. The thing I love about design is the chance it gives me to explore my ideas. There are no limits on my imagination. It’s a topic that allows me the opportunity to explore and grow as a designer, with each experience it gives me a better understanding of visual communication and the design process. I am willing to explore all aspects of design. I am self-motivated to work individually and have the ability to work within a group. Over the past two years, I have studied Interactive Design. I have gained new skills and improved the skills I had before. I have learned new techniques like motion graphics, animation, processing, editorial, web design, and branding. Exploring these new skills, I was introduced to new programmes like After Effects, processing software, InDesign, and readymag. I am looking forward to bringing these techniques and skills to a new course.I have a passion for fresh and original design. Constructivism, Surrealism, and Minimalism are some of the movements that I have inspired my work. I am not afraid to push my designs, so they have an edge.  Having studied Art and Design also gives me the ability to experiment with traditional and modern techniques, and bringing them together digitally. I have interests in fashion, photography, and music, so these are a few other sources for my work.Social media is a tool I use a lot to share my work, with just over 9,000 followers on Instagram I like to get my work noticed. By using this platform, I have had the chance to create illustrations, logos, posters and other promo items for small online businesses.  I also share my work on Behance; this is another useful tool to showcase my work and get feedback from the design community.My goal is to become a qualified designer. To me, the design industry is full of exciting challenges that involve me using creative skills to communicate through visual design. However, I am focused on obtaining a degree qualification and gaining relevant work experience. I want to join a course that will teach me with the creative skills and knowledge that will empower me to contribute to the dynamic and continuously evolving world of design. I am incredibly self-sufficient and can work independently with high attention to detail. I believe all these qualities put together with my previous experience and skills will allow me to succeed into higher education and into the working world.

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