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Death is Mother Nature’s way of taking back what is rightfully hers in the first place.

It is merely a natural occurrence and has brought an end to several noble lives and put a halt on ignoble ones. However, when a person commits to taking their own life, a problem exists. Over the past few years, an increase in suicide rates of about 66% has been observed and this issue is attributed to the lack of responsibility of certain parties. In fact, the lack of therapy programs and support from accountable public authorities have directly played a part in this abnormal surge in suicide rates worldwide.             The primary culprit behind this massive phenomenon is the negligence of mental and psychological conditions from several federal and state institutions, coupled with the lack of therapy programs, which have increases suicide rates dramatically. Suicidal people are in dire need of support and when that support is not provided, things turn sour.

The constant negligence of this epidemic – that is suicide- from authorities crush whatever strength and resilience its sufferers have. Given their fragile self-esteem and self-worth, the lack of support shown only further worsens this case which eventually leads them into taking their own lives away. Secondly, the lack of therapy programs is a testament to the efforts of these accountable institutions and how they have consistently been neglectful of this serious matter. How do people expect suicidal people to improve or suicide rates to drop without the availability of rehabilitation centers? The absurdity of the proposed question lies within those whom are mainly responsible (Government and other Federal Institutions).            Although suicide rates have increased astronomically over the past few years, it is not too late or impossible to reverse adverse effects observed. Many solutions exist for this recurrent problem; in fact, these solutions stem from various sources, thereby creating for a larger resolution pool.

However, because these responsible parties are mostly to blame, they are the ones who should be taking the initiatives. For example, continuously raising awareness about the rampant problem that exists through campaigns and rallies, in an effort to inflict guilt in people who have been negligent on the issue in the past. Moreover, these campaigns would also allow for a better understanding of suicide and how to identify a suicidal person, which could one day save a life from being taken away.             Another solution that would aid in hindering the ever-increasing suicide rate is the increase of therapy and rehabilitation programs. These programs would act as a refuge for the conflicted sufferers and would support them in overcoming their battles with depression and suicide. Moreover, these recuperation facilities could serve as a place where its troubled patients can project their depression and sadness, in search for a solution.

             To conclude, suicide is a persistent problem that exists in our society and should not be taken lightly. Its negative effects are prevalent more than ever and does not seem to decline anytime soon, not if serious action is taken. However, if certain solutions, such as the responsible taking due initiatives and increasing therapy programs, this can epidemic can be put to bed for good.

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