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Dear Sarah,I hope this letter finds you well.I am writing to consider the situation that you are going through right now. When I spoke you to last, we talked about your desires of obtaining a higher education to further pursue your passion but your family feels otherwise. I want to kindly emphasize that you should speak about your concerns but consider that your parent’s wishes are what’s most important. I am supporting my concerns with a segment that contained a discussion on the current situation of girls’ education in India. The remarks were obtained from a speech delivered by history lecturer, Vijay Kumar Ballani and his colleagues, who go door-to-door in a rural village, pleading parents to send their children to school complexes. Statistics within the article have revealed that only 52 percent in the state of Rajasthan are literate and 350,000 young girls are not in school. Almost half of those students will not finish the 10th grade.Such a segment would suggest the fact that India’s education system does not rank well. This does not help in correlation to the fact that the country ranks 15th, among the poorest countries in Asia while holding the capacity of the second-most populated country in the world. Such statistics reveal that much of India is under the line of poverty-driven costs.He also happened to denounce that “girls are too often needed by their families to toil in fields or care for younger children, especially in rural areas”. This is the case for many Indian families and it ultimately serves as a barrier. “There’s no playground, gym, or running water, and very little technology. And despite India’s push to guarantee a good education to all children between the ages of 6 and 14 under the country’s Right to Education Act of 2009, most students will not finish school. They are too poor—their parents want them to work” acclaimed Ballani. The discussion should end right there, as I believe that the government of India should act more on the issue about the education system and empower girls who want to pursue their dreams of having a career. It may be difficult to justify your opinion but I believe that everyone has a chance to express their beliefs. If you feel strongly that you education is important, I encourage you to talk to your family about what you can do.  The Indian culture is very much invested in the “men work and women stay at home” ideology as much as any other ethnicity. That’s where your struggles to the issue take root. Your role in life is to “stay at home” because the position of women that has been invested in the community, has developed over the years as a caretaker. All ethnic groups value education, but as to who is able to obtain it, is based upon how the people view their morals and values in a culture that coincides with the historical beliefs and occurrences that have shaped how the culture is expressed in the world today. To explain what the impact this ideology has on the student population of India, a recent World Bank report has stated that just under three-quarters of students in rural India can’t subtract two-digit numbers by grade three, and only half of grade five students can read at a second-grade level. I am sure that these occurrences could be developed with further enlightenment of the issue with an impact that may have been due to poor judgment of the platforms that boys and girls are given in school to pursue their passions, learn new skills, create relationships and feel part of a bigger community. I know for a fact that posing your concerns about your opportunities in school will only bring about a poor reputation for yourself and may also bring about backlash to those who feel that girls should not invest their time in school but should rather spend time at home and take care of the family and house duties. In some cases, expressing your views can be costly but in some ways, it is also beneficial for you to speak out your opinion for those who may not have a voice. Ballani has said that “Girls’ education is very low on the list of priorities in India.” Investment into building local schools in your area is not only beneficial to the educational development of Rajasthan but also to the economic development as well.I do request that the you pursue your passion and find individuals that are able to help you so that they may recognize that your dream of obtaining an education would empower other girls to pursue their studies as well. It would also help if you talked to educational initiatives and schools in your area if you could sit in some classes for a few days a week and find counsellors who are able to guide you through the process and find financial aid. You should know that things may not always work out and your family may not be so fond of the idea but you should keep on trying and we anticipate that in the near future, you will be able to find an answer to the education crisis that has encompassed the country of India.Please Consider this, Bryan Benny

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