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Dear Sir or Madam, I am honored to recommend one of my intelligent students, Mr. Rui Zuo, for the acceptance into your graduate program. I will feel very happy if my introduction of him is able to assist your university in the assessment of his Master’s program application. I came to know Mr. Zuo in 2006 when he took my course “Modern Design Technology”. During the course, he proved to be industrious and conscientious in the study.

 Unlike other academic subjects, some concepts in my course were very obscure to understand for most students. However, Mr. Zuo could grasp difficult concepts quickly and correctly, and then applied them in the practical case study well. I was deeply impressed that he was motivated by an earnest craving for knowledge, not the desire to stand himself out in terms of marks. As his lecturer, I appreciated Mr.

Zuo’s insistence on understanding things and making his point. For every problem in the lectures or projects, he discussed with me in details and never give up until figuring out the source of defects. Even facing the theoretical authorities, he was not a copycat. Instead, he was good at putting forward his own views. Arduous efforts brought him satisfactory result; Mr.

Zuo got A in the final exam, which was among the top two in the class. In 2007, Mr. Zuo fully demonstrated his extraordinary talent while he enrolled in my courses of “Experiment of CAD/CAM & NC Machining Technology” and “Numerical Control Technology”, where the theoretical studies and practical applications took up the same proportions. Hence, I had more opportunities to closely witness Mr. Zuo’s excellence. He discussed his thoughts with me and eventually completed the experimental devices on his own.

From my observation, Mr. Zuo had a good command of a wide range of knowledge such as the deep understanding of CAD/CAM, CNC programming code and the numerical control as well as the strong experiment ability. Owing to his spontaneous intellectual capacity and persistent efforts, Mr. Zuo got high scores as I expected.  Except the independent working, Mr. Zuo is also a good team player. As the leader in several group projects, Mr.

Zuo helped his group fulfill tasks early with high quality. I once organized a presentation competition in my class for groups that wanted to get a bonus mark. On behalf of the whole team, Mr. Zuo chose a challenging topic and interpreted the complicated concepts with supporting materials and experimental data, along with his own experience to make his presentation attractive and easy to follow.

The cooperativeness and sense of responsibility exhibited convinced me that he had prepared well enough for being a successful engineer in the future.  Mr. Zuo is an all-round student. No matter in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics or other subjects, his strong abilities in innovation, thinking and self-management always distinguished himself, making him reach the top place.

I have heard that he was awarded the Sinoma Scholarship due to his outstanding academic performance (top 3% in the faculty)  It is also worth mentioning that Mr. Zuo has a facility for languages. Initially, I did not take it seriously when he told me he was studying English and Japanese simultaneously and able to communicate with foreign professors. Along with the deepening of our relationship, I noticed that he read many academic journals and reference books written in English or Japanese smoothly during the experiments with the purpose for better understanding the tendency and development in the global mechanical engineering field. His strong language ability, as well as his genial, adaptive disposition, would definitely help his accustomed to a new surrounding in a short time without any barrier. All in all, a perceptive young man with blazing intelligence combined with diligence, Mr.

Zuo deserves my first-rate evaluation. I recommend Mr. Zuo to you without reservation and I believe that he will produce outstanding work in your university as he did in ours. Your serious consideration of his application will be greatly appreciated.Yours Sincerely, 

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