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Table of Contents
Background. 2
Hardware. 2
Laptop. 2
Enterprise servers. 3
Mobile Devices. 4
Software. 4
Operating System.. 4
Enterprise Server 5
Software for mobile device. 5
Operating system.. 5
Applications. 6
Office software suite. 6
Conclusion. 7





















Your company, iStar is a full-service IT marketing company which provides users with IT solution for businesses. To provide good IT solutions to businesses, the company must have suitable software and hardware to operate. My team and I will help iStar purchase their office equipment based on their requirements. Our focus will be to get the best value for money equipment and spend within the budget of S$200,000.



iStar’s home restaurant solution features include website designing, this means the company will have to use applications such as Photoshop, Android Studio and Visual Studio Code just to name a few. All this web designing applications take up a lot of memory and it requires a lot of RAM to run. For web designers, they may be doing many things on the laptop at the same time, such as browsing the web, video calling, designing a website and reading emails.


ASUS Zen Book Pro UX501V

Dell XPS 13

Motherboard and Processor

quad-core 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, boost up to 3.5GHz

dual-core 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-6200U up to 2.8 GHz with Turbo Boost


16 GB DDR4


Hard Disk (Storage and Type)



Display Graphic Card

Nvidia GeForce 960M GPU with 2GB of RAM

Intel UHD Graphics 620

Screen Size






I chose the ASUS Zen Book Pro UX501VW and Dell XPS 13 laptop to compare as both them are suitable to be used by the company. Based on the specifications shown, I would choose the ASUS Zen Book Pro. Here are some comparisons which lead to my conclusion:

Processor: The processor is referred as the ‘Brains of the device’. Asus Zen Book Pro has a faster processor than Dell XPS 13 as well as having 2 more cores. Having a laptop with better Processor means that the laptop is able to get jobs done faster. Additionally, having a quad-core, means it is able to run multiple programs at the same time which is more suitable for your employees as they can open many programs which helps them get their work done faster.

Memory: With a Memory of more than 8 GB, users can run necessary applications at the same time without compromising quality. But for even better quality, it would be better to use a memory of 16GB with ASUS provides as the files and applications ran by iStar is rather huge.

Storage: Having 512 GB SSD also means that file transfers will be very fast compared to 256GB SSD which may not be enough for the user in the long run.

Display Graphic Card: Laptops rely on graphics card to have good graphic quality. Asus Zen Book Pro uses Nvidia GeForce 960M and has a GPU with 2GB of RAM which is used in gaming laptops while Dell XPS 13 uses Intel UHD Graphics 620 which has a slower core speed and will affect performance.

Screen Size: As designers, it would be important for the device to have a larger screen size to allow designers to have a better perspective of their work and hence the ASUS Zen Book Pro (15.6) is better than Dell XPS 13 (13.3).


Price of ASUS Zen Book Pro UX501V

1,988 x 20 = S$ 39760


Enterprise servers


A server is a computer used in networking and it provides various services to a client.

I would suggest having 2 servers at each country. One main server used for the following functions: accessing database, file, web and email. And a backup server to prevent files from getting lost. On the main server, a web server serves web pages to clients and it can also parse scripting languages such as PHP, ASP and JSP. A mail server stores users’ e-mail accounts and sends and receives e-mail messages. The other server is acts as a backup server in an event of the main server failing to work or crashed. Since we are using a single router for many different functions, it will be necessary to get a server with high memory and storage to deal with heavy traffic to and from the server.

Memory: A server with a RAM of 64GB will be sufficient to enable the server to work quickly and efficiently at delivery information to its clients. With more RAM, it will be easier to perform multiple functions at once with optimum speed and allow for higher traffic flow.

Raid: I will also use raid in my server as it protects data against loss with added level of duplication and it provide higher input speed.  There are many levels of raid, with raid 0, 1, 5 and 10 being the more common ones. Raid 10 is a combination of RAID 1 and 0, it combines the mirroring of RAID 1 and stripping of RAID 0. This RAID level gives the best performance, but it is costly. This is the RAID level ideal for highly utilized database servers or any server that’s performing many write operations which is suitable for iStar as we are using 1 server for many functions.

Firstly, I will compare 2 servers, PowerEdge T330 Tower Server and HP ProLiantML350 G9 5U tower server with prefixed specifications. After I have decided on one of them, I shall then configure it to suit the company’s needs.

Enterprise Servers

and HP ProLiantML350 G9 5U

PowerEdge T330 Tower Server


Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 / 2.10GHz

Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4/ 3.5 GHz





1.92TB SSD

1.92TB SSD







After considerations, I have decided to go with the PowerEdge T330 Tower Server as both servers’ specifications are the same and the price is PowerEdge is lower than the price of HP ProLiant 350 G9 5U (S$2842 to S$2920). Furthermore, the processing power of PowerEdge T330 is also better as it has a faster clock speed. I shall now do my configurations on PowerEdge T330 Tower Server for it to be used efficiently in iStar.

Enterprise Servers

PowerEdge T330 Tower Server


Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 / 3.5GHz




5.76TB SSD


S$7081.80 x 6 = S$42490.80

Storage: I have made several calculations before I have decided on using a storage size of 5.76TB. If iStar has 500,000 client files being backed up at a time and using 1000 bytes per files, the total amount of data which belongs to the client is 1.8GB. After calculating the number of cached files, copy storage-pool files, active-data pool files and deduplicated files, the total of database space for the client is about 3.5GB. Let’s take that iStar has 500 clients in each country. This will mean that the total amount of data base size for each server in each country will be roughly 1.7TB.  Adding up mail, web and file, it will have added up to roughly 2.5TB. Using 5.76TB will be sufficient enough for the server and it can be used long term as well.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Samsung Galaxy Note5

HTC one m9


Octa-core (4×2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 & 4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53)

Octa-core (4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & 4×1.2 GHz Cortex-A53)



Adreno 405



32 GB, 3 GB RAM


Non-removable Li-Po 3000 mAh talk time: 22h (3g)

Non-removable Li-Ion 2150 mAh
talk time: 16h (3G)


$ 330


Based on my comparisons and the requirements, I have decided to choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as firstly, it has a longer battery life with longer talk time which enables users to use their phone on the move. Note 5 has higher CPU and RAM then HTC one m9 hence it will be faster and more efficient in running many applications and large apps at the same time. Note 5 is also able to store more data as it has 64GB compared to 32GB in HTC one m9, so users do not have to have SD card for extra storage since 64GB is sufficient. With better specifications and lower price, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is definitely the better choice over HTC one m9.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

330 x 6 = $1980



Operating System



For the operating system of the laptops, I have decided to compare 2 of the more popular Operating System and they are Window 10 pro and macOS Sierra.

Windows 10 pro is a user-friendly operating system as everything can be done within a few clicks. Furthermore, the user interface of Windows 10 pro is easier to use compared to other OS which makes it simple for new users to adjust to its interface. Windows is a worldwide known OS while Linux is not commonly known to people. Windows has a wide ecosystem and with that, it supports much more software and hardware than Linux. Users may not be able to use some applications due to its compatibility if they were to use Linux.

Security wise, it is much better to use Windows 10 pro as it comes with a bit locker. With bit locker, users can encrypt and protect the drive their Windows operating system is stored on, which prevents hackers from being able to access potentially vulnerable system files. This is crucial as if hackers retrieve these information, they might be able to gather information of the company and plan an attack on it. developers are constantly upgrading its system and there are also many anti-virus and security software which users can download. Although Linux does not have much reports of it being attacked, its security system is not updated as frequently as Windows.

When just using a new laptop with Linux, users have to install Linux distributions themselves unlike windows where by it is pre-installed by the Manufacturers.


Enterprise Server


I have chosen 2 Operating System, Windows Server 2016 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server to compare as I feel that these two are one of the better server OS used currently. I have chosen to use Red Hat Linux as:

More stable – Linux is well known for their ability of running for years without breaking down which is great for enterprises as it will be very rare for their system to crash.

Security – Linux was designed such that it is a multiuser operating system. Only the root user has administrative privileges and less permissions granted to other users. This keeps the system protected and secure. Besides that, Linux also has fewer cases of being attacked by viruses and malware compared to windows server.

Efficiency – Linux is able to run many processes together at once better than Windows such is a strong factor of which why I choose Linux Red Hat over Windows Servers. The servers I plan to get for iStar is going to run the role of 4 servers: database, file, mail and web server. Hence, the operating system must be good and efficient in running multiple programs at the same time.

The price of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server cost S$450 for 1 user, multiplying that by 20 users will cost S$9000 for a year of subscription.


Software for mobile device


Operating system


For the operating system for the mobile devices, I would use Android over iOS. There are several reasons which made me decide to choose Android such as:

Flexibility: Android allows for much more applications for the management staff, compared to IOS that is very restricted and limited. By plugging an Android phone into a PC, it acts like a hard drive which allows users to copy, view and delete files, just like a USB flash drive. This makes it very convenient for file transfer between laptop and phone and can save a lot of time compared to only being able to use iTunes for file transfer between iOS and laptop.


Security: Although there are more security issues on Android, with the importing of third party APIs, this can be easily managed with the amount of anti-virus software that it provides. iOS, on the other hand is more secure and is well known for its privacy, however, it may not be able to have access to as many antivirus app as Android unless it is jailbroken.



It would be good for the management team to have apps to help them with their jobs such as improving communications within the organization. I would recommend an app called ASANA as it helps users improve communication and collaboration. It allows you to view all tasks and projects and follow progress on the interface. Sharing of notes, uploading of files as well as communications can also be done without relying on email. The price of Asana is S$13.00 per member a year, so if all 20 staffs uses ASANA, it will cost S$13 x 6 = S$78 a year for all the staffs of iStar.


Office software suite

As for the office software suite, I have decided to compare between Microsoft Office and LibreOffice.

Microsoft Office business




After much considerations, I have decided to go with Microsoft as it is more suited for iStar’s requirement. There are several reasons why Microsoft Office is better.

Accessibility: It allows users to work anywhere as long as they have internet connection as it is a cloud-based system. Users can access their email, files and programs from any location and with any device. This will be useful for the management team as they will be on their phones most of the time and they are likely to receive many files and emails from clients. Due to the fact that they are usually travelling, it will be good for them as they can work from anywhere, hence it will not restrain productivity.

Collaboration: Microsoft office has a feature which allows teams to work together. Everyone in the team will be able to update and review and get real-time changes of their work at the same time without being together in the same place. Furthermore, users can share direct access to their files rather than sending them as attachments, which means people can make changes to the same file rather than having multiple copies which will take up plenty of space on their storage.

Security: Microsoft Office has many built in security features to keep data safe and protected, such as:

Encrypted email: this feature will keep anyone other than the user from reading their email which keeps iStar’s data protected.

Data loss prevention: this feature checks and prevents sensitive information from leaving iStar via email.

Mobile Device Management: Having this feature allows iStar’s employees to delete data from their phones in an event if their devices go missing. This prevents people from gaining access to iStar’s information which protects the organization.

Advanced Threat Analytics: this feature uses analytics and machine to detect and alert users from suspicious behaviors on their network. Even better, it scans emails for malicious links and attachments. Once it detects something wrong, it will prevent the malicious attachment from being received by the user. This is a great security as it prevents data breaches.

Price: Although Microsoft office is much more expensive then LibreOffice, it provides so much more services and features which is far better than LibreOffice. These includes: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive. All these apps and the features mentioned above is able to benefit iStar’s employees greatly and it is definitely worth the money to get Microsoft office.



To recap what my team and I have decided to get for iStar, we have calculated that we will spent below the budget of S$200,000 and we have decided on the following items:

Laptop: ASUS Zen Book Pro UX501V

With a quad core processor, 16GB DDR4 memory and 512GB SSD memory, it is simply the fastest and most efficient laptop for the employees of iStar at a great price of S$1988.

Total price of laptop = S$ 39760

Enterprise Server: PowerEdge T330 Tower Server

T330 runs with a fast processor with a speed of 3.5GHz. In addition to its fast processing speed, it also has 64GB of memory which allows it to run multiple functions at one time. Its large storage of 5.76TB SSD will ensure that data is kept well, and file transfers will be much faster with SSD. My team suggest 6 routers, 2 at each country. 1 server is the main server and the other is the backup server.

Total Price: S$7081.80 x 6 = S$42490.80

Mobile Device

Mobile device: Samsung Note 5

A phone which is way better then the price you pay for, note 5 has a 64GB memory with a 4GB RAM which is more than sufficient in phones. What’s better is that the phone only cost S$330 which is a great deal.

Total Price S$330 x 6 = S$ 1980

As for the software, we chose window 10 pro for the laptop’s operating system, red hat enterprise Linux server and Android for the OS of mobile devices.

My team also suggested downloading an application called ASANA for better communications among the team of management crew.

Lastly, using Microsoft Office business is ideal for iStar as it has many features.

The total cost of all the software will be: S$16,058


After adding the hardware with the software, the total price would be a total of S$100,288.







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