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Dabbing weed for the first time can be intimidating even for the seasoned marijuana user. A dab is a highly concentrated form of cannabis that is growing in popularity amongst cannabis users.


Amongst the many marijuana uses and research into these uses the weed guides have discovered dabbing weed. Dabs are made by extracting cannabanoids from the plant using specific solvents like carbon dioxide or butane. The result is a sticky oil that is known by many names; wax, budder, butane hash oil (BHO) and shatter. This sticky oil is then heated and inhaled via a dab rig. A nail is often used for the heating surface and although dabbing weed in this manner has already been around for a decade or so it has only just begun to gain momentum in the conceptualization and design of dab smoking apparatus. The rise of popularity is mainly due to the rise of awareness and research into advancing the extraction process. With the advent of these more advanced methods there has been a significant rise in cannabis concentrates dabbing weed.

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It is important to note the following when dealing with dabbing for the first time:

It is highly potent

Dabbing weed is like taking the speedboat to get high instead of the steadier sailboat. They are potent so it is important to ease in gradually. Try a small dab first, inhale slowly and assess how you feel after a minute or so. The concentrated THC is the very component that kick starts your body and mind’s reaction to cannabis. Because dabbing weed uses this concentrated dose you will get really high really quickly. In this way you could call it efficient for the seasoned stoner and a bit of an adrenaline ride for the rookie.


Know your limits, keep it light

The potency of these concentrated dabs makes it possible to have a really uncomfortable high if you push your limits. Take it slow and do not over due it or you could be left with nausea and other uncomfortable sensations in the body. Approach the dab with a certain degree of respect, and you won’t find yourself stuck to the floor.


Be prepared for a trip

Even the most veteran marijuana users will experience the high in a new way. The purity of THC within the concentrate is equivalent to smoking three joints, if you find yourself experiencing a high that you are uncomfortable with just do less the next time. And here’s an insiders tip: have a glass of water nearby!


Dabbing is escalating in popularity amongst the hip cannabis community. Remember that when your first dab comes along, don’t try to be a hero- just start small and be humble. The taste of the wax will be much smoother than the regular dry bud however you, ay only realize after the first couple of dabs.


You are ingesting a higher concentrated form of cannabis and you will feel this immediately. When purchasing the cannabis, ask for weed guides so you can choose the best strain to turn your first dabbing weed experience into a superlative experience.

The most important thing to be conscious of is to enjoy it. Keep it light and remember that each individual has their own tolerance. 

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