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referring structure and framework of well-established organisation, one must
bear in mind, and the understanding the meaning of framework within a healthy
and well setup organisation. The base that keeps the functioning combine the coalition
of written or non-written rules that leads members how the structure of
organisation is put work together. Describes the structure how to accept the system,
how leadership is chosen, and how decisions are implicated.  Of importance, one have to deal with the
structuring and the development. That particular organisation as early as
possible, in order to work structural development occur as proportion in order
to perform in the company or any other organisation, it do not crowd out the
performance, in might occur in parallel at the same moment, the growing of the
company tandem can happened. The meaning of this, one should think, from the
beginning that the company structure life. Changes and the grows with the
group, should bear the thinking of the group structure. Communication becomes
the key factor, and surely helps the success of any company or organisation.
With the effective communication, certainly there are barriers that companies
or organisations faces. Most people consider that communication is a simple and
easy as it sound. Surely, what makes it complex? Frustrating and difficulties
are the main barriers on their way. Common problem that faced nowadays is the
varsity of opinion that occur between individuals. The varied of every
individual perceptions, becomes the needs to rise for real effective
communication. Nonetheless, emotional barriers are another fields of mistrusting
and fear are the catchphrase and form from the roots of ourselves emotions
obstacles and hold us back from effectively communicating with others
co-workers. How language barriers affect us? With online gaming, industrial in
Malta, many Scandinavians companies, manages and workers resided in Malta. With
them new languages, most Maltese citizens did no apprehended. Language barriers
where created. Language should be a clear tool that will describes our
expressions and easy to communicate to others. With unknown languages serves as
enormous barrier, we as Maltese, and written in our constitution we have two
main languages (Maltese and English) and well education in other languages give
us a upper-hand. Nowadays in a global scenario, no greater compliment to
another person’s is by effectively communicating and speak to them, if not by
their native language, but by using our second language. We have to understand
that the native language of leaders or co-employees will be different from
anyone else’s. Another barrier factor, that plays important role in human
communication. The cultural attitude, the world with so many cultures diversities,
commonly arises barrier, for example, when two individuals in the same company
or organisation, when they follows different religions believes or in same
example with the colour of the skin, etc. etc.  Research shows, one key factor to construct a
stable and integrated teams. Majority of the offices keep closed the door, one
can notice this when higher levels in the company ladder steps, while larger
areas kept physically apart.  Forbidding team
members to interaction effectively between them. (Known as Physical barriers). One
can only improves effectively the company communication by the changing, the
feelings, attitudes or the thoughts of his co-workers. By doing so, we manage
to break down all barriers of communication, moreover, to build successfully
good relationship between the managers and workers.  When you manage to overcome the barriers will
be of much important. Therefore, training interventions will be proper to
achievements. With well-designed programs   in listening and team building by introducing
the verbal and non-verbal communications skills, the giving and receiving
feedbacks, and stronger negotiation skills. Today to have a healthy mix
employees (races, religions, ethnicities etc.) became the norm in Malta. Your managerial
skills ensure harmoniously and contribute of all workers and the success of
their inputs.  It is important to train employees on developing effective interpersonal
relationships. The importance of interpersonal relationships, the various
styles of communication in many different styles of communication, given them education
about emotional intelligence, the trust eliminate any conflicts, based on this
your work environment benefits from healthy workers community.


years, humans developed the abilities and much the skills to communicate. At
first, one might think that only humans have to ability to communicate between
then.  With many studies, we know for
fact that most creatures on earth do communicate. Think for a second, a colony
of ants, can communicate between them with colour, size etc. etc. every ant is assigned
a particular task to perform. Same one can consider with a hive of bees. One
queen bee and all others perform different tasks, which each without voice but
with wing noise can communicate with one another. Therefore, it is very clearly
that creatures small or large can communicate too. One can ask, communication
is just a simple way to communicate, dose it serve to our needs of our lives. To
these historical questions. Social scientific and anthropologist provide some
part of answer as part of knowledge diversity, which is considered as the field
to communication studies. Communication is much more than being able for public
speaking. Communication studies goes back thousands of years. Philosophers
Aristotle and Plato they are the fathers and were the first known as
systematically study about speeches. Communication processes in listening,
perception, nonverbal and nonetheless in-group, media communication,
interpersonal, intercultural etc. etc.  These
entire are various context forms of communication.  Perception associated
largely with human communications, things people distinguish differently
according on their noncognitive filters. Because such filters, could be
selective approaches and closure. To the same information people exposed can
end up very differently and the perception when the managers explain workplace
behaviour. Workers are more likely in general explain behaviours withstand
bias. They attribute to problems to external purpose. Fundamental commit managers
tend to be mistaken. Consequently, if things go wrong managers easily blame
workers, on the other hand workers blame external situations, or the context
how to perform their job. To describe communication progress or various kind of
organisations. Established organisational communications a major factor based
on sender, the receiver, the noise and above all the feedback. How
communication differ from one country to another? Culture plays huge roll, how
one can communicate in companies, organisations or commonly within the society.
Perception of communication act like filter which all forms of communication
travels from one human to another. People perceive differently.  Easily interpret message, as differently by any
other individuals.  Attribution progress
draft of explanation to certain events. Attribution could identifies type
habits towords a fundamental attribution mistakes when you judge the
achievements of others. Biases of self-serving when you judge our performances,
acquisitions perceptual are commonly own misinterpretation distortions and
infect reduce the effectiveness of communications, stereotypes, halo effects,
projections and of course selective perception. Substantive or emotional issues
may occurs as conflict or disagreements. Managerial staff should and have to
support functional conflict as that facilitates the results of a good
performance edge and creativity. Managers should at all cost, avoid any harmful
effects of too little or much conflict that might become dysfunctional. Disagreements
can be managed by approaches the structure which can involves changing
motivations of people, work arrangements, goals or resources. On personal
clashes management styles, could include compromise, collaboration,
accommodation and nonetheless competition. Real conflict of Problem solving of
any disagreements has to be through a collaboration approaches and the ability
of good managerial skills.


 Essay assignment



3.  How far do personal communication patterns impact
organizational communication patterns?  Support your discussion with
personal experiences.


2.  Organizations are a futile burden.  It is better to work
on your own.  Organizations cause more bureaucracy and complicate matters!
 How true is this statement?  Discuss.


1.  Some contend that perception is purely subjective.
 Everyone is entitled to their own way of perceiving and describing the
world.  Do you agree?  What role does perception play in the
communication process?









Assignment due Date    16th
January 2018.


Lecturers                       Ms. Annmarie Darmanien and Profs S.Chircop


Study unit                     MCS1021   Human


ID card                         764857M


                                    European Studies and Communication

Student                         Paul Zammit







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