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Cyberbullying has become a major topic of discuss
among local, state and federal jurisdiction, who are now implementing new laws
and regulations in order to prevent cyberbullying. With developing technology,
bullies have found new ways to target their victims and through various
applications in social media, it has made it easier for cyberbullies to hurt
their victims twice as much which can lead to psychological distress. According
to the statistics that are provided on State Cyberbullying Laws; which is a governmental
website that provides information on laws and policies of the United States,
stated that not all of the states in America have a specific penalty for

There are only twenty-three States that include
cyberbullying in the law against bullying (Hinduja and Patchin, 2016). However,
there are legislators who are aware of the increasing number of suicides and high
publicity school shooting that were a result of cyberbullying. For example; in
the case of Jessica Logan, an 18-year old high school senior who committed
suicide after her nude pictures that she sent to her boyfriend which eventually
ended up in hundreds of other teenager’s phone after their breakup. Two months
later; on July 3rd 2008, Jessica Logan finally committed suicide
after being bullying through social media and face to face by other girls in
her school who called her various inappropriate names.

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After Jessica’s death, her parents filed a lawsuit
against the law enforcement and the high school for not taking necessary steps
to prevent Jessica from getting bullied and harassed. Four year later; the
Governor of Ohio Mr. John Kasich signed a new bill, House Bill 116 also called the
Jessica Logan Act which basically prohibits any source of bullying through
electronic devices, such as laptop, computers, camera and cell phones. The Ohio
School Plan agreed to take all necessary action to create a safe educational environment
for all students and to create an anti-bullying environment, for example
providing counselling for suspected victims and that all school district should
revise their anti-bullying policies with the school in the begin of each year.  

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