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Currently, the development of
communication technologies  are
strengthens communication between people via social networks . Each time the
number of users of these services is growing rapidly, especially among teenagers
and adults. Thus the properties of social networks for people become more
unique vehicle , which we use in all possible fields. In turn, they can bring
benefit and at the  same time can be also
harmful for human’s life. So there are 
many different opinions about the effects of social networking on
people  and , in particular ,they are
divided into positive and negative .

If we start with the positive,
then, as we said at the top, this unique tool provides so many opportunities
to  communicate . Easily, people   create their pages with personal information
and search,  so they can find  their like-minded people, old friends,
relatives and even best friend and life lovers. In addition, they exchange and
share their impressions of ideas and experiences on specific topics. This will
help them cope and find the right solution to their problems. For example,
today in social networks are actively working a lot of bloggers who get a huge
number of followers,  with their  interesting 
videos and photos, that is why they can 
gaining popularity and earn 
money. It means that you can achieve financial independence , and at the
same time to develop and get involved in your favorite hobby. Also, with the
help of social networking we can be always aware of everything happening around
the world and develop our horizons. It can be information or news about the
weather, politics, social activities and various events. In addition, people,
especially teenagers are using social networking to become more sociable,
creative and ambitious.

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Unfortunately, this unique tool
also has its negative influences which can lead to big trouble. For example ,
most people are carried away by the interests of social networks, waste a lot
of time and the same may eventually become dependent on them. As a result, people
become more aggressive, withdrawn, cruel and immoral because of the lack of a
warm and real relationship with other people. That is, the formation of drug
addiction because of social networking greatly affects the psyche of
adolescents who have not strengthened psychological and physical stability .
Even in some extreme cases, teenagers fall into a deep depression and commit
suicide. Moreover,  the constant use of
technology can lead to various diseases like insomnia, obesity, blurred vision,
earlier aging, and the initiation of cancer cells in various sites of the body.
Also people can become victims of different scams, hackers, as well as negative
opinions from the haters. The most detrimental that such defective receipt of
the emotions can be transferred to real life – we will not be able to provide
the sympathy to the one who asks for alms or to rejoice over the wedding of a

In conclusion, the rapidly
developing social networks over time, revealing all its sides , though they are
useful and negative. Therefore, all social network users should control their
emotions and behavior during online mode. The only way we will be able to apply
the properties of social networks for good and to neutralize negative

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