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Identity: How important it is?

            It is an indisputable fact that each country has its own
culture – knowing it is their identity and way of living. No matter the size
and population of a country, the values and norms will always be present. While
everyone accepts the culture from other country, it is still important to affirm
own culture by means of bringing unity among the members of the country and
illustrating the unique values it has from the others.

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            According to research, culture refers to the customs, practices, languages, values
and world views that define social groups such as those based on ethnicity,
region, or common interests. It means culture brings people together and gives
a community a sense of place. Being with people in the same ethnicity and
social group makes him think of his own national identity. Through this way, he
can identify the difference of his culture from the others. As an example, saying
“po” and “opo,” and “ate” and “kuya” is what the Philippines unique
from the others. It is their way of respect to the elders.

            Culture is an essential
way of life of a country. The knowledge of the “what’s” in culture demonstrates
the values and norms of each people in a country. Societies carry on those cultural
practices left by the forefathers. Filipinos known for their hospitality is from
their ancestors. Visitors will always be welcomed in their own houses and give
them something to eat or drink. Being optimist
became their way of living. In bad or good times, Filipinos will always rejoice
on something important.

Myron Lustig notes that cultural identities are central to a
person’s sense of self. That is because cultural identities “are central,
dynamic, and multifaceted components of one’s self concept” (Lustig, 133). Culture
is the sense of being the self. Just like a child, it is important for a
country to understand what and where he came from. It influences their views,
values, hope, worries and fear in life. Culture contributes in the process of
development of the self. Participating in cultural events makes a person to
develop his self-esteem and be creative as a way discovering the self through

The Philippines being “colonized” by other culture is a good
thing. It means that slowly the Philippines trying to emerge themselves in the
change in technology. It is very interesting to watch and listen to Korean
drama and music. Anime have the best animated story. Those are some of the fact
which everyone thinks of at this time. It is easy to accept the culture from
the others. It is acceptable to be open on the foreign culture but it is still
important to affirm own culture. The love for country strengthens the sense of
identity which contributes in the wellbeing of a person and unity of a country.

Cultural identity is very important in a country. Culture
being damaged because of forgetfulness of a person should be minimizes because
one’s culture should be maintain and preserve for it is the identity and way of
living of persons in a country. A strong cultural
identity can contribute to people’s overall wellbeing. Patriotism and cultural
integration should animate in everyone to show what it really means to have an
identity. Live own the culture as how important it is.  

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