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Cryptocoin markets are often volatile and suffer from limited liquidity periods. Combined, they raise the risk profile for Blockchain asset investors.It is not primarily intended to discredit the chain of blocks, as it represents a useful technology that has proven to have different extraordinary uses. However, these uses do not involve a decentralized economy. In the attempt to be sensational and revolutionary, many people concentrate on the advantages of technology and forget to see the reality of things, ignoring all their disadvantages. For the sake of diversity, it is useful to focus on the disadvantages of technology. Some of the decisions used to make e-money an operational currency were devastating for its ineffectiveness.As a first point, there is a belief that using blockchain is free. Despite the widespread myth, running Blockchain is neither inexpensive nor efficient, for now.  It involves the use of several computers that solve mathematical algorithms to agree on an immutable end result, which becomes the so-called single version of truth (SVT).  Each Blockchain “block” normally uses a large amount of computing power for resolution.  And someone has to pay for all this computing power that the Blockchain service supports. In addition, the use of Blockchain technology remains ineffective in many cases compared to the maintenance of a traditional accounting record.The main issue surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that they are misusing everything that is right with blockchain technology. BTC has fatal disadvantages as a new form of currency or an investment method.On several occasions, specialists in technical analysis commented that at any time Bitcoin would encounter a zone of resistance that would stop the cryptocurrency boom and delay its increase. Since tokens that are privately mined, they can succeed to an extent as an exchange method and to be the form of execution of several types of transactions, just as things like cigarettes can become currency inside a prison. Money is that which is accepted as a means of payment for a good or service. Good money is expected to serve as a unit of account and deposit value among other features.Fiat money (which is official money such as euros or dollars, among others), as we know it today, is nothing more than banknotes and coins with no value of their own, far from when they represented a value in gold. They are guaranteed and certified only by issuing entities.It is currently the governments, by means of imposed laws, that determine the type of legal tender money. But it is other entities, such as central banks and coin houses (ECSC), which are responsible, firstly, for regulating and controlling the monetary policy of an economy, and secondly, for creating coins and banknotes according to demand and the need for physical and electronic money. And they can create as much as they want and as long as they want.As a reliable store of value, cryptocurrencies are much less useful since their volatility is ridiculously extreme. The price of a bitcoin is determined by everyone who wants to participate in the buying and selling process, essentially its users. This is what ultimately always determines the bitcoin price, even if multiple factors influence it.Moreover, BTC has no fundamental value as an asset: no stream of future income, no ultimate assurance of liquidity or security, and no alternative use. Its scarcity is purportedly guaranteed by the underlying technology, but most of its buyers simply take that on trust. Should they come to doubt that guarantee, its price will collapse.In addition, since there is no single platform in the world where to market (there are many and each one can have its operations), there is no world-wide or single price for a cryptocurrency.In the meantime, its utility as a means of exchange depends on official tolerance. That tolerance cannot be taken for granted, especially as BTC’s appeal rests so much on the anonymity of its users. However, the blockchain is open and anyone can see everything. Therefore, it is not a real anonymity, but offers pseudonyms. Leaving aside the important problems that fraudulent users have with it is why pseudonyms are bad for honest users.

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